Electronic Glasses Essay

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1. Introduction
The statistical evidence from the National Institute of Health (USA) (2011) reveals and estimates that the cases of blindness are going to double in every 20 years. Therefore, it is crucially important to invent new technologies and devices to deal with this inevitable problem. Carroll summaries the impacts of blindness include the loss of psychological security, basic skills for living, communication, appreciation and the whole personality. Literature from Emile Durkheim (1897) suggests that social discrimination and isolation can even lead to egoistic suicide. The Electronic Glasses are invented exclusively for the blind that aims to assist them to live in a more convenient ...view middle of the document...

The camera in the glasses is similar to those used in normal cell phones with resolution up to 720 pixels which serves as a real time camera. At the same time, the infrared camera is used to detect radiation to safeguard the blind from getting hurt by heat. GPS provides spatial and temporal information that give the exact location of the blind precisely and then plan the most effective route for them to wherever they like to visit. Meanwhile, JAWS converts text to audio signals and let the blind to have a better understanding of the information in text (both printed and electronic text works). Consequently, it becomes an invention with multi-functions that can effectively help the blind with their basic needs of life.

2.3 Working Principle
The principle of operation of the glasses is pretty simple and procedures are likely to be the same in using different components. For instance, when using the two types of cameras, the blind will firstly give a voice command through the microphone and then the cameras will start operating and record the real time situation in front of them. By conveying the data through the CPU, it connects to the service center and the operator in the center can able...

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