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Electronic Record Management System For Central Bank

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European Central Bank (ECB) was established in June 1998 and, together with the central banks of countries whose currency is the euro, is the financial power of the euro area. For the main objective is for maintain price stability which is to protect the euro.ECB has around 1,340 employees and is divided into 17 areas of business but Only five years after its inception, the ECB faced the reality that the management of records and information was straining under the weight of outdated methods of filing in the different business areas and finally it runs the risk of losing control over institutional memory. Also focus archive existing ECB is on the heritage of the pioneers of the documents of the ECB, the Organising Committee and the European Monetary Institute, and efforts to ensure that the resulting records are as complete and accurate as possible. In year 2003 the ECB Executive Board approved an information management policy with the intention of introducing the electronic document and records management age to the ECB and creating the role of the records manager. Faced with the headcount cap, but employee with enough convincing arguments to justify a suitable budget, the key people involved in the early design stages of the ECB’S initial records policy had the idea of resorting to internal recruitment to create a human framework that would make use of a state-of-the-art electronic document and records management system (EDRMS) and at the same time of raising awareness within the ECB of the importance of records management/archiving in order for the ECB to be in a position to manage its information and compile a documented history for European citizens and generations to come.

I. The Pilot
According Moreq, 2001 the starting from sound standards the ECB set a clear aim in sight and enrolled the assistance of two records management or archive consultant to start work in two business units (divisions) that would serve as pilot areas. Given the dominance of electronic documents today, the ECB is doing its own early action to buy the EDRMS. Tender procedure and demonstrations from the bidders, the committee formed by representatives of the business is responsible for information management policies, information technology and two pilots, some of it’s to handle stress the interdisciplinary nature of the project and also made through assessment based on user.
In the middle 2005, that offered a web-based...

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