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Electronic Waste: An Environmental Crisis Essay

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With the astounding progress we have made over the last 50 years in technological advances it is no surprise that it is referred to as the information age with all of the things we have been able to achieve. From landing on the moon, from a computer and a cell phone as one all of our landmarks that have been seen as greatness, they are also seen by many as garbage, and a lot of it. In the near future we will be making better, faster, and cooler stuff always advancing but that will leave a lot of today's garbage to be attended to, as well futures garbage. This is known as Electronic Waste or frequently referred to as eWaste. The type of waste that is of technology of any kind, computers, microwaves, toasters and much, much more.

What Is Electronic Waste(eWaste)?:
eWaste is the term used to associate garbage that is only specific for electronics, that ranges from anything with batteries to something that must be plugged in order to work (of course there maybe exceptions where some stuff that require plugging in are not considered electronics). eWaste enters its own line of waste disposal for many different reasons such as, the difficulty of decomposition, and the health and safety concerns it brings when it must be disposed. With our century being run by electronics and the day-to-day survival is only accountable now with our phones, the internet, TV' s, coffee makers and much more it is hard to say how much garbage we have made out of all of this stuff. Although it is not hard to presume that the amount of eWaste is growing. With many more attractive pieces of electronics from last years, the coolest trends, and the planning of the management team of the electronics companies to make the life span of these electronics not surpass anywhere from 2-8 years in order to increase their income, electronics are being thrown away more today than ever. Let alone the issues of getting rid of these electronics as their quantities seem endless there also arises other problems such as what is inside of those electronics. With advancements and progression of electronics more and more companies are trying to improve the way their electronics are being disposed of, but in the end there still remains an issue, such as what happens with that electronic when it is eWasted. When an electronic is thrown out and becomes Waste that electronic is thrown into a pile consisting of many more pieces of electronic garbage. And with that it is not a surprise that toxic substances are released into the landfill that are within the electronic . These substances are known for ruining the land around them and that is exactly what happens when electronics are disposed, as they prevent any growth to occur in and around that area. Mercury, Nickel, Lead, Lithium are just a few substances that can be found on the periodic table of elements as well as inside ones everyday electronics along with many more substances. These substances can lead to health issues to the environment...

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