Electronics Are Indispensable English 111 Argumentative Essay

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As I start this paper all I can think about is how our world used to be, and how our everyday life functioned. It’s not at all how it used to be. If you wanted to talk to someone that didn’t live near you, you would either call them on a rotary phone or send a letter in the mail. These days it’s far and few between. Electronics these days are just like water people must have it. That brings me to the topic of my paper. Is google making us stupid?
In the article “Is google making us stupid” by Nicholas Car. In the first paragraph, he states: “Over the past few years I’ve had an uncomfortable sense that someone, or something, has been tinkering with my brain, remapping the neural circuitry, reprogramming the memory.”
In the world, today it is so easy to get online and find practically anything you need or want to know. As Mr. Car states in his article, he used to have to spend hours doing research in a library or in books with long stretches of time that would go by, and you might not even find the answer. Today, that is not the case, people can go online for something and...

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