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My Personal Struggle With Muscular Dystrophy

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I am Elespira. My mom always said it stood for Earth's spirit, but I just can't see how. This is my story of experience. It starts at Fifteen years old, just before my birthday.
As I laid in my bed, I looked over at my clock, as the time was Seven in the morning. I got up and stretched my arms to both sides and started out my door. The basement was stuffy, and the air was thickly clouded with dust that had layered over the years. But I didn't mind. I stumbled to the corner of the room, and pushed a trapdoor my Grandpa had made upwards.
I climbed out and carefully stepped on each smooth stone with my bare feet. "One," I counted. "Two, Three, Four, Five, Six,…" finally, I staggered on the Seventh, then to the bench. I filled my lungs with the sweet scent of spring. I heard the soft trickle of water and watched the ripples dance in the river. It was still cold, so I took one more glance at the beauty of spring, then staggered about across the grass.
It's not very easy being diagnosed with MD, Muscular Dystrophy. Muscular Dystrophy is a disease where the muscles of the body get weaker and weaker and stop working, slowly. Muscles need many different kinds of proteins to stay healthy. When you hear the word "protein" you might think of food because foods contain protein. But I'm talking about another kind of protein, the kind your body actually creates. Your genes tell your body how to make the proteins your muscles need. But with me, these genes have wrong information or leave out important information, so I can't make these proteins properly. Without them, the muscles break down and weaken over time.
As this happens to muscles, people like me begin to have problems with the way their bodies work. There are different types of Muscular Dystrophy, in different parts of the body, but mine is in the legs. The many doctors we've visited don't have a clue. No matter how many tests they run I can't be diagnosed with whichever type I have. I have a bit in the hands, but it's not nearly as worse as my legs.
I swung my back door open and picked up my leg braces, or AFOs ( Ankle, Foot, Orthopedics ) and put them on. I put my large shoes and jacket on and I went back out. I walked to my biggest tree, and took hold of the lowest branch. The rest of me seemed to follow, up, up, the tree. I got to the highest point I could get to and looked over Rosemary's fence. She was in her backyard, playing ball with her many siblings, for I have none. They had all moved out already.
I picked a big flower from my branch and tossed it down and the wind carried it right to Rosemary's shoulder. She picked it up and looked upwards, searching, until her deep blue eyes met mine. "Elespira? You're still in pajamas."
"Yeah. Hey Misty." I couldn't help but call her that. Rosemary means the mist of the Ocean. She smiled up at me and said,
"Don't start judging people by the meaning of their name. How would you feel if I called you Earth ghost?"
"Not very happy, I...

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