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Elementary Foundation Essay

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Elementary Foundation In David Gelernter's essay titled "Unplugged", he expresses that computers should be in schools and with the right application be invaluable to education. Also, he attacks the way calculators and computer programs accentuate bad habits students already have. What's more is that many of these students are cheating themselves out of learning and understanding the real meaning behind their core curriculum of math and grammar skills. In elementary school children, this is a direct result from the misuse of calculators and computer-aided learning programs. Calculators and spell checking programs should be used only after students are able to demonstrate a strong ...view middle of the document...

After grade four they should be taught the correct use of a calculator to aid them with harder problems. Calculators aren't the only tools that are abused either, many grammar programs are too. Imagine you're in third grade in today's multimedia-filled classrooms. Your teacher has just announced that there is a pop quiz on last night's spelling homework. You struggle through fifteen nerve-racking questions and hesitantly hand in your paper. Then, at the end of the day the teacher comes to you and asks why you constantly fail pop quizzes but seem to manage perfect homework scores. You confess that your older brother tries to help you by running your words thru a spell checker. The teacher sighs and explains how computers are not here to do all of the work for us, but rather as a helper when we are stuck. One child down million to go. Your very own child may one day become the victim of various psychological problems if they rely on a computer to do their homework. It sounds absurd doesn't it? The fact is that the...

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