What Makes Elementary School Teachers Special

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"A hundred years from now, it will not matter what kind of car I drove, what kind of house I lived in, how much money I had in the bank...but the world may be a better place because I made a difference in the life of a child.”
–Forest Witcraft (Professor of Denison University and Boy Scout administrator)

There are not many people that are able to say this. However, the profession of being an elementary school teacher gives the teacher the satisfaction of being able to have one of the most emotionally rewarding jobs in the world. Elementary school teachers guide children through a vital point in their lives. They help set the young students' foundations to prepare them for their future schooling in junior and senior high. Although being an elementary school teacher pays little and can be tiring or stressful, this career is still worth pursuing because teachers touch the lives of children.
According to the article "Elementary School Teachers," elementary school teaching started during 100 B.C. in Judah. It goes on to say that the children there were taught for religious training. As time passed, elementary schools became more common. In early Western towns, teachers would teach kids, sometimes ranging from first grade all the way to eighth grade, in one single classroom (“Elementary School Teachers,” Ferguson’s). Kids learned the same material despite their age differences (“Elementary School Teachers,” Ferguson’s). Teachers were also not properly trained. The only requirement for becoming a teacher was finishing elementary school (“Elementary School Teachers,” Ferguson’s). In 1823, the first normal school (a school that trains teachers) was opened in Concord, Vermont (“Elementary School Teachers,” Career Clusters). Nowadays almost all universities in the United States have a school for teachers (“Elementary School Teachers,” Career Clusters).
Teachers used to have many responsibilities, but modern day teachers have even more. Elementary school teachers have to be trained to teach certain subjects, they must be able to teach using different methods, and they need to devote their time outside of class to prepare for the next day.
Most elementary school teachers are required to teach reading, writing, counting, telling time, history, geography, math, english, and handwriting (“Elementary School Teachers,” Ferguson’s). Learning all of these subjects might become tiresome for the students, which is why the teachers need to know how to teach in different ways to grasp the students' attention. For instance, doing crafts, role-plays, spelling bees, and science fairs, can increase the childrens' interests in each subject (“Elementary School Teachers,” Ferguson’s). Teachers can also help their class learn by going on field trips to places such as museums and zoos. (Ecahore-McDavid, “Schoolteacher”)
Teachers often use most of their own time to prepare for the following day. They need to grade tests and homework, prepare daily lessons and...

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