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Elements Of Advertisement And Analysis Of A Coca Cola Ad During The Superbowl

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Of course, the Super Bowl can be considered the most watched television recording in American history. As a result of withholding the attention of such a vast audience, many commercials are showcased during the Super Bowl games, creating a commodity in which those commercials are watched more than the Super Bowl games themselves. A mass amount of viewers can unquestionably be beneficial to advertisers seeking to sell their products and services. However, benefits are not the only things these ads invoke, detriment can occur as well, as seen throughout history, among a variety of television commercials. The Coca Cola commercial, displayed during Super Bowl XLVII, is one of the most recent commercials that has been scrutinized. The Coca Cola Company debuted an aspiring, 60 second ad to Americans and the Coca Cola moments shared among those individuals, but the salute received a lot of backlash from individuals on social media. Many people argue that the commercial does not represent America because of its lack of cultural assimilation in
According to the articles discussed in class, there are tactics that go into constructing good advertisements. In “Making the Pitch in Print Advertising,” authors Bovee, Thil, Dovel and Wood state that ads share a common set of features: headlines, body copy, and slogans, each of which have their own importance when it comes to attracting the audience's attention (555). Expanding on the ideas presented in the aforementioned article, Jib Fowles, author of “Advertising's Fifteen Basic Appeals,” asserts that American advertisements use fifteen appeals as a helpful tool. Fowles emphasizes “the immediate goal of an advertising [is]: to tug at all psychological shirtsleeves and slow us down long enough for a word or two about whatever is being said” (540). Evidently using those three features, pathos, as well as using imagery appears to be the most effective medium for communication and creating reactions. The Coca Cola commercial entitled “It's Beautiful” featured the song “America the Beautiful” sung in a variety of languages (seven to be exact). The commercial also incorporated a display of the country's varying expansive landscapes and metropolitan areas, along with Americans of different ethnicities, races, and families partaking in real life activities. With these elements: a patriotic song, playing on emotion and an invocation of profound imagery, we see several of the tactics mentioned in both articles tackled in Coke's commercial. So why did Coca Cola receive such monumental uproar, if it made use of some of the fifteen basic appeals that make ads effective?
To put it succinctly, the ad received backlash because, “many [people] think that “America the Beautiful” is the country' national anthem and English is this country's national language,” noted in Indian Country Today (par. 2). As a result, these individuals believe “America the Beautiful” should only be sung it the English language. Expanding on the ideas...

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