Elements Of Comparison Between Hill’s Like White Elephants And The Birthmark

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Both “Hill’s like White Elephants” by Ernst Hemingway and “The Birthmark” by Nathaniel Hawthorne have many common elements of comparison between them. The main element of the stories that will be compared is this thought of an operation. Both stories stem from these two operations and the comparisons derive from how the women react and respond to the two men in the story. Both stories are comparable by the common theme of a life changing operation, how the women first react to the operation and how the characters develop throughout the stories.
There is a common theme in “Hill’s like White Elephants” and “The Birthmark” of a life altering decision. Both women are thinking about having an operation that will affect them for the rest of their lives. In “Hill’s like White Elephants”, Jig and the American are debating whether or not they should have an abortion. This decision is something that will affect both of them deeply throughout their lives together. By the way the two characters interact with each other the reader can deduce how important they feel the operation is. There seems to be a tension in their sentences with each other. Jig says things like “Everything tastes of licorice. Especially all the things you've waited so long for” and “That's all we do, isn't it-look at things and try new drinks” (Hemingway 841)? These responses to the American show that Jig is in a distasteful state of mind which would most likely stem from her thoughts about the operation and what they will do in regard to it. Because these thoughts of the operation are affecting her socially, it shows just how important the operation is to her. How Jig interprets the scenery around them while they are discussing the operation also suggests the importance of their decision. “The girl was looking off at the line of the hills. They were white in the sun and the country was brown and dry” (Hemingway 840). This statement also gives the reader imagery, insight and symbolism into Jig’s thoughts about the operation. The white hill’s and the dry brown countryside represent the two outcomes of their decision. The white sunlit hills represent Jig being happy and content with her decision. The brown dry countryside, on the other hand, represents her as sad and regretful after making the wrong decision in terms of the operation. These examples show that she has to come to a verdict on something that will affect her for the rest of her life. In “The Birthmark”, Aylmer and Georgiana are debating whether or not to have a birthmark Georgiana has on her face removed. Aylmer, Georgiana’s husband, brought up the subject of having her birthmark removed by asking if “it never occurred to you that the mark upon your cheek might be removed" (Hawthorne 1)? Because she has had this birthmark her whole life, everyone knows of the mark and they, in a sense, identify her with it. For her to have this mark removed from her face is almost to change her identity from what everyone knows her by....

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