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Elements Of The New French Extremity In Irreversible

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The New French Extremity is probably one of the most controversial film periods of French history. Since the 1990’s until today, the idea of breaking away from classical film techniques have been emerging. There came an idea of doing anything possible to make films out of the ordinary. It was an idea to make the audience uncomfortable and disgusted from what they were viewing. The New French Extremity seized to be completely different. Those differences are very well depicted in the new French films produced in that time period and have a new perspective, in which disgust the audience. Gaspar Noé’s film Irréversible, very well depicts the New French Extremity’s ideas of taking people out of their comfort zone and taking them into a world of confusion, while at the same time introducing to them a new style of filmmaking within La Nouvelle Vague.
It is amazing how the films of this new era have a huge impact on people minds. The differences in film that just creep people out when they are watching. The film Irréversible is a very good example of the new techniques and forms of filming in order to manipulate the spectators. The different shots and camera angles throughout the movie introduce the ideas of La Nouvelle Vague. From the very beginning to the very end of the film the camera shots were very chaotic and out of place. The film had moments where the camera was getting out of control would move from one angle to another. Along the ideas of La Nouvelle Vague those shots would probably be considered jump cuts. The film also very obviously had other techniques that came along from La Nouvelle Vague which gave the movie more of a realism view to it. One exception from this idea were the actors, in which did seem like they were professional actors in this particular film. Although, the scenes and the lighting were obviously natural. There was a scene in a subway tunnel and it showed a very real look of the tunnel just as it would look if you were there. The movie did not involve special effects or anything unrealistic.
“Irréversible” also had elements of realism in which showed the struggles of life. An example of a real life situation is the rape scene in the subway tunnel. That scene first of all was very realistic and seemed very real, but it gave you the conscience that rape is part of the corruption in society. Another example is the scene where the taxi guy is being forced to drive with a gun pointed at his head. Both of these scenes depict how life really is and how dangerous it is. This element of the film can relate to Neorealismo in Italy because of the depictions of violence and a corrupt society. The difference now is that with the New French Extremity, the depictions are done in different ways in order to irritate the audience and make it so its too much for them to see.
In this film, the idea behind the New French Extremity is very noticeable and very strong. The film did make the audience very uncomfortable including myself. Even...

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