Components Regarding Casual Attributions To Infidelity

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Infidelity research has shown that signification numbers of individuals are going beyond their first relationship and involved with other relational partner. This article focuses on components regarding casual attributions to infidelity. Components like, legitimacy, seduction, normalization, sexuality, social background and sensation seeking. Also the differences to infidelity experiences are used on this research article with either if they betrayed their partner or vice versa. Claiming differences on males and females significance on infidelity and those who have experienced infidelity and those who hasn’t. “In the light of these studies, we were curious about the reasons for sexual and emotional infidelity. Why do people betray their partners? Although, there seem to be numerous reasons to cheat on one’s partner, there is no general questionnaire aimed to measure these possible reasons. Evolutionary perspectives stated that there are different perceptions of betrayal as a function of gender. It can be expected that there would be a difference between men and women in their perception of infidelity and this difference would became much more evident when the gender of the betrayer was taken into account. Therefore, although the development of an instrument to measure lay theories about betrayal and the exploration of the structure of infidelity were the major purposes of our study, sex differences (both the sex of the raters and the sex of the imagined betrayers) were also considered. “This study aimed to represent how university students perceive, and what they think about, the reasons for emotional and sexual infidelity. A questionnaire about possible causes of infidelity was constructed in which there were 100 different reasons for the act of unfaithfulness” (Yeniceri, Z., Kokdemir, D., 2006). “Two hundred and twenty-seven women and 177 men (a total of 404) participated in the present
Bounthavilay II study. The mean age was 21.90 (SD = 2.48) ranging from 18 to 38. Participants were students from various universities in Turkey. Relational infidelity is a severe relational transgression in which one or both partners preform extra dyadic behaviors that violate relational rules of monogamy and exclusivity without their partner’s prior consent. Infidelity Research has addressed the two typed of betrayal that occur in committed romantic relationship, sexual or emotional. Sexual infidelity, refers to sexual activities that are committed with someone other that one’ partner. This behavior range from kissing to sexual touching, oral sex and intercourse. Emotion infidelity, are behavior such as flirting, dating, spending time together and falling in love with someone other than one’s partner.

The new face of infidelity article shows how women may be cheating now almost as much as men, new temptations and the reason why this might be happening. “A 2011 study conducted by Indiana University, the Kinsey...

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