Elements Utilized In The Architectural Planning Process That Encourage Shared Experience Amongst Citizens

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“Our experiences aren’t just conditioned by the physical nature, but the condition of others’ experience of the space happening at the same time” (Monteyne). Nearly every decision we have had to make in our lives have been influenced by a shared experience. Where do these shared experiences happen though? Many occur in pieces of the built environment specifically designed for people to relate and share their ideas. In his November tenth lecture, Steven Teeple explains that shared experience is a key concept in modern architecture and explains in order to successfully implement this we must consider three things: materials and concepts utilized in the designed of space, the integration of landscape as a primary feature assisting in flow, and how we approach connecting the public realm to a particular piece/pieces. If all three of these are utilized the public will naturally let their experiences mesh with the experiences of another.

What materials and concepts utilized in the planning process encourage shared experience amongst citizens? Teeple is the architect responsible for the addition to the Perimeter Institute in Waterloo, Ontario. Many [buildings] are designed to express emotions or symbolize ideas, and this may influence the final form (Conway/Roenisch 55). The institute was no exception to this statement. The goal of the institute was to symbolize “one place to work together”, expressed through large, open-office space that was easy to navigate. Teeple adapted this through many ways: creating a bistro where researchers could chat about developments, creating pods that were canted in a way so that there would be visual contact amongst other researchers while adapting to the need for quiet study space, and having rooms with glass panes that were frosted from an angle to be used for drawing and sketching ideas. Teeple explains he used strategically used large, open spaces to create positive shared experiences, but also strategically created study space encased in glass which still promotes shared experience, while addressing the need for silence. In the case of the Perimeter Institute, Teeple repeats used and layout create the relationship between experience and community. You can only develop positive shared experiences in the work place with an open layout.

How can landscape influence shared experience? [Landscape] and setting influences the approach to a building whether it is urban, suburban, or countryside (Conway/Roenisch 202). Teeple argues that landscape contributes to the “flow” of a building, subsequently joining the outdoor and indoor environments together. The Sisters of Saint Joseph Convent in Peterborough, Ontario is different from other convents in how they wanted an outward looking space with soft flow symbolizing a connection to the world. Teeple solved the...

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