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Elevating Performance Through Motivation, Ethics, And Conflict Management

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Elevating Performance through Motivation, Ethics, and Conflict Management

The United Parcel Service (UPS) is a company that is successful and has been flourishing for years. UPS is an organization that is number one in the field of package delivery. UPS is partially successful because of the way the organization motivates employees, resolves conflict and practices good ethics. In this paper, one will learn how UPS applies motivational principles when it affects the area of growth, achievement and satisfaction. In addition, one will learn how UPS enforces, monitors, and trains an effective code of ethics program. Furthermore, this paper will address how UPS handles indirect and direct conflict. Lastly this paper, will explain how these said subjects when practiced correctly can help an organization’s performance and overall success. With this knowledge, one will then have the information needed to manage and lead a successful and prospering organization
Jim’s Part
The Dispute Resolution Journal (2005) reported that conflict not only happens in marriages and family relationships, but also in team settings, which involve important tasks to be accomplished. The journal further reported that one of the main reasons conflict occurs is because certain team members may lack commitment. A lack of commitment is a problem many people struggle with, but a team can still be successful if they have a team member with this fault. Another main issue that can arise within a group occurs when a team member believes that his or her thoughts and ideas are not being put forth. This same member feels participation is an issue and not desired from persons within the group. In addition, Kankanhalli, Tan and Wei (2006) note that cultural differences can cause conflict within a group. The important thing is that no matter what the issue, an attempt by the team to solve the issue needs to be made. Miranda and Bostrom (1993) report that if conflict is not dealt with it can lead to major problems within a team. The authors further report that the problems can become so serious that the group’s dynamic may become hostile and uncomfortable. Conflict is something no one wants whether if in a team setting or dealing with one’s personal life. Difficulties are resolvable and can be dealt with so a team can continue with their efforts. UPS is a company that has these said type of indirect and direct conflict happen on a regular basis. However, UPS never ignores these issues and deals with them accordingly.
Conflict can be fixed and dealt with accordingly, regardless of the level of seriousness. Miranda and Bostrom (1993) claim that if a group makes sure each person has a particular task assigned, each member will then participate. They continue by stating that when open communication exists between team members, conflict can be resolved. The authors further state that conflict is inevitable. As long as conflict is dealt with quickly...

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