Elijah's Journey Inc.: A Year In Review

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Elijah’s Journey – A Year In Review

The Organization and Business Concept
In December 2014, Elijah’s Journey, Inc. is a S-Corp that purchased two townhomes Bolingbrook, IL and turned them into CILA homes. A CILA home is a Community Integrated Living Arrangement. It establishes living arrangements for adults (age 18 and older) in a group home, single family home or an apartment.
A CILA serves adults with a mental or developmental disability. The CILA Act requires CILA programs to meet certain requirements so that participants have safe and stable housing arrangements. The Act also requires CILA programs to provide services to assist participants in achieving independence in daily living and economic self-sufficiency. The Illinois Department of Human Services (IDHS) is the state agency given the authority to enforce these standards. Under the Act, a community mental health or developmental services organization may obtain a license from IDHS to operate a CILA program.
There can be four to eight unrelated adults with low, moderate or high developmental disabilities living under the direct supervision of the community developmental services agency. The residents receive complete and individualized residential habilitation, personal support services and other various supports under the direction of a community support team within the local agency. Elijah’s Journey provides supervised, supportive living arrangements addressing the preferences, strengths, abilities, needs, and life-span issues of adults with developmental disabilities. Either intermittent or 24-hour supports may be provided, as needed.
This has been done through a comprehensive method of assessment, and input from clients, families, and guardians, an Individual Service Plan is developed to address specific training areas for each person. Elijah’s Journey also provides developmental training opportunities for individuals in both structured and unstructured settings, and within the home and in the community. As part of a rigorous effort to integrate individuals into the community, day training and employment opportunities are contracted with local providers and are considered an integral part of the training process.
Organizational Structure
A mission statement is a declaration of an organization’s fundamental purpose and basic philosophy (Ferrell, Hirt, & Ferrell, 2014). A good mission statement provides the framework within which the company's strategies are formulated. It's like a goal for what the company wants to do for its customers. Any organization that attempts to operate without a clearly defined mission statement runs the risk of wandering through the business world without the ability to verify state its intended course.
Elijah’s Journey, inc mission statement is as follows: To provide dignity and respect to adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities by promoting independence, community involvement, and quality of life. It has been related that a...

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