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In the year 2000 the United Nations held a conference form a program aimed at enhancing the advancement of underdeveloped nations. The product was the United Nations Millennium Declaration and the Millennium Development Goals. This global partnership consisted of eight goals ranging from the reduction of poverty and hunger to environmental sustainability, all with the key focus of increasing the quality of life of the world’s most disadvantage citizens. Although the United Nations had a deadline of meeting it’s goal of reduction and or elimination hunger by the year 2015, it has become abundantly clear that more time and resources are needed in the mission of achieving that goal and the others listed in the declaration. Eradicating world hunger within the next 30 years is a feasible goal, however, critical steps have to be taken to make impactful and sustainable change.
In many regions of the world, particularly Sub-Saharan Africa and Southeast Asia, high levels of hunger are still prevalent. There has actually been an increase in hunger statistics in Sub-Saharan Africa over the past decade while the developed world has collectively experienced a decrease. Many factors are attributed to the lack of progress on this socio-political issue. The most common are the lack of good soil to produce food, natural disasters, and the surge in food prices. There have been several initiatives taken to reduce hunger but root of the problem has to be identified first before any legitimate change can occur.
According the Task Force on Hunger (a United Nations Publication) the proportion of individuals suffering from hunger globally has been reduced from 1/5 to 1/6 of the population. This decline has occurred over the past twenty years but does not give a true representation of the gravity of the problem. The absolute number of people suffering from hunger has only seen a minimal decline. Overall there are more than 850 million people who suffer from hunger. According to the report there are actually three different kinds of hunger; acute, chronic, and hidden. Ninety percent of those who suffer from hunger experience the chronic kind, while only ten percent experience the acute kind. Acute hunger is usually experienced during famine or disasters, while chronic hunger is characterized by routine lack of access to sufficient food. Hidden hunger is caused by a lack of vitamins and minerals and is experienced by two billion people even when they have a sufficient caloric intake. Hunger can occur from a multitude of reasons but the most common are lack of food supply and systemic issues. In most developing countries women still have to suffer through gender discrimination making them less likely to access to basic nutrition and healthcare. Therefore cycle of suffering from hunger that many individuals experience begins before they are actually even born. Malnourished mothers are unable to...

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