Elite Sports Players Deserve Their Enormous Income

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There are many concerns around the issue of elite sports players being payed ridiculous amounts of money and to some people, they are overpaid. Questions such as “Should someone who kicks a ball around be paid millions more than someone saving lives on a daily basis?” are being asked and statements such as sportspeople are completely overpaid, They are given millions of dollars when there are children and adults starving in third world countries. These countries are starting to get supported and one day they will be far better off then what they are now. While some people agree that Elite Sport’s Players are over paid, I do not.

Elite Sports Players are entertainers; they put people in the stands. They sell tickets, thus, they make money. Also, outside of a team's franchise, they also promote endorsements and in turn make a whole lot of other people lots of money too. Therefore they rightfully deserve a massive portion of the profit. Major League Baseball's 30 teams had approximately $3.5 billion in revenue last year. They spent about $2.1 billion, or 60 percent, on players' salaries and benefits. [2]. Most of them work hard and are committed of the majority of the year to their sport. The world needs entertainers and not all players are millionaires. For instance statistics say the average AFL career lasts a little over four years [1]. Four years at the highest level on a base salary is not nearly enough to be set up for life and sponsors are not worth much. However at one of the highest levels such as Premier League Soccer, Grand Slam Tennis, NBA or PGA golf etc. Contracts, endorsements and prize money are worth millions, it does not matter, they have made it to the highest level they should be able to lead a wealthy life and the majority of elite sports player’s endorsements are worth much more than what there contract is paying and, endorsements are only worth so much because the endorser has many other brands or companies fighting for the same signature.

It is still an issue in society to some people, they think that because it’s only sport they are overpaid, but its not just sport, these days there its all part of the entertainment industry, and if Hollywood actors can be paid millions, so should elite sports players.

Hollywood actors are only acting; sports players are portraying entertainment and trying their best. There has always been much more money in the sport industry and that’s the way it should always be. Why not let them display their talents because it good to watch and it’s what they do best. Not everyone has to be a lifesaver or a rocket-scientist. Why should contracts and endorsements drop millions of dollars off just because some people believe they are over paid? Let them have the life they deserve. They are only going to be at the highest level for a...

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