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Elitism And Institutional Power Essay

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The United States of America is a society that is governed by a group of elite people. Webster would define elitism as "leadership or rule by an elite, the selectivity of the elite." (Webster) Social Mobility is a way that some Americans climb that corporate ladder of success to become a part of the social elite Frank Carlucci is a prime example. According to the text, the elite are the few who have power in society; the masses are the many that do not. (Dye, 2002, p2) The American people have placed this power and authority in the hand of the leaders they have selected to oversee their government, the corporations, the media, the financial institutions, and the education system. The elitist theory helps keep the dispiriting relationship between those with power and those without in separate social class. This document will examine how Frank Carlucci entered the elitist world and how important immolating the tracts of successful people.People of power create social groups that only the wealth and powerful are affiliated. Frank Carlucci was the Chairman of the Carlyle Group, which is a global private equity company.(T.C. Group LLC, 2003) According to their mission statement, the Carlyle Group's purpose is, "To be the premier global private equity firm, leveraging the insight of Carlyle's team of investment professionals to generate extraordinary returns across a range of investment choices, while maintaining our good name and the good name of our investors." (T.C. Group LLC) Prior to having this prestigious position who was Frank Carlucci? How did he obtain this position? Most people in Washington would state that, in order to get a job that affects other people or make social change, it is all about who you know. Some people are susceptible to taking care of the people that they are associated with. Elite social groups are created to keep wealth and power within the established group. These groups share the same thought process and have the same common interest and goal.Mr. Frank Carlucci is a prime example of how connection and possible hard work can provide upward mobility in the workplace. Mr. Carlucci was from Scranton, Pennsylvania. He received his education from Wyoming Seminary School and graduated in 1948. Mr. Carlucci continued his education by attending Princeton University in 1952, not identifying if he graduated. That did not stop Mr. Carlucci form obtaining his goal; he then furthered his education at Harvard Business School in 1954-55. He was also a naval officer from 1952-54. Carlucci built a reputation as a, "tough guy" with the American Defense Attaché' in Brazil during a military coup.(Schor, 2002) Even through Mr. Carlucci attended an elite and highly accredited school such as Harvard and had college friend and room mate such as Donald Rumsfeld. Mr. Frank Carlucci took advantage of his social mobility. Mr. Carlucci had an influential mentor as well, Caspar Weinberger.Frank Carlucci was the former Secretary of Defense...

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