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Elizabeth Bathory: The Blood Countess Essay

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Who Was Elizabeth Bathory? Elizabeth Bathory was a nobelwoman from Transylvannia, now known as Czechoslovakia. Her parents belonged to one of the most prominent and wealthiest families in Yransylvannia in the 13th century. The Bathory family held titles as kings, princes, and prime ministers. Power and prominence was their top priority! Jerome Kruase(2003) states that "when Elizabeth was only fifteen years of age, she was "married off" for political gain and position to Count Ferenz Nadasy; a man of equal nobility." Nadasy earned the reputation as a fierce warrior known andwas more commonly known as "The Black Hero of Hungary",and Elizabeth earned the title "Lady of the Castle Csejthe" (Bexte,2003).Elizabeth was not at all happy with her marriage or the isolation that she felt. Nadasy wasn't always there because he was out pursuing his passion, the soldier business...(Krause,2003). He was home long enough to make sure that his bloodline continued. The Countess grew very bored, and during those lonely periods away from the count, she began to have countless affairs with younger men and became obsessed with her beauty. She eventually ran off to be with one of her lovers but soon came crawling back to her husband, when she realized that it would be in her best interest(Count Gator,2003). During this time, Elizabeth began to dabble in witchcraft taught to her bythe Countess Dorothea Szentes. Also when she would visit her aunt,Countess Karla Bathory, she would engage in lesbianism and sadistic torture rituals. Her lesbian obsession was with young, beautiful, peasant women with large breast (Thompson,2003).In the 1600s, Countess Bathory's husband died, and her real terror began.She was getting older and became afraid of losing her beauty and vitality (NiteWorld,2003).One day a servant girl was combing her hair and accidentally pulled it. Elizabeth slapped the girl so hard, she drew blood.Blood splattered on the Countess' hand, as shegrew with disgust and ran to wash the blood awayAs she washed the blood off, she believed thather skin took on the young girl's freshness. Shethen ordered her henchman to strip the girl ofher clothes, kill her and drain the blood into alarge vat. Countess Bathory bathed in the bloodto beautify her whole body (Shyla,2003).Not only did Bathory torture these women for her pleasure, she tortured he "lazy servants" with a method called "Star Kicking". This act consisted of placing paper between bound and tied servants' toes and setting the paper on fire (Lily,2003). The most horrific act of torture was inflicted upon a twelve year old girl. Elizabeth's henchman, Ficzko, captured the girl and caged her in the air. Ficzko maneuvered a pulley that had spikes attached to it,since the girl had no room to avoid the spikes, they sliced the girl's skin to shreds. Elizabeth grew more and more obsessed with her sadistic torture and ordered Ficzko to seek out more young women. When the fascination of torturing peasant girls no longer...

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