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Elizabeth Bennet Vs. Catherine Earnshaw In Pride And P Rejudice And Wuthering Heights

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Main female characters always have a distinct personality that affects their choices and the outcome of their lives. Strong, independent, sarcastic, and witty are all what comes to mind when having to describe Elizabeth Bennet from Pride and Prejudice, the second of five daughters in a middle class family. She is a very intellectual individual who attempts to find romance although surrounded by the limitations and prejudice of social classes. Being raised in a narcissistic society that looks down upon her and family's status, she grew up to have a natural defensive remark to any insults. Her natural defensiveness led to her prejudice towards a very wealthy Mr. Darcy who shared the same impression of Elizabeth. After a realization of his true noble personality, Elizabeth then found true love with Mr. Darcy which cannot be said for the beautiful Catherine Earnshaw, in Wuthering Heights, who is a daughter from a gentry family. At a very young age, an orphan named Heathcliff joined the Earnshaw family. Both Catherine and Healthcliff fell madly in love with one another since then. One would expect them to marry due to their strong attraction for one another but because Catherine has a immature desire for social advancement, she married Edgar Linton, instead of Heathcliff. Catherine is a very spoiled socialite which very well contradicts the honest and virtuous Elizabeth Bennet, but although they make different decisions and are different as a person, both these free-spirited women want to choose their own future that satisfies their desires.

The way both Elizabeth and Catherine lived during their youth had an impact on their life ambitions. Raised by an exasperated father, a single-minded mother whose only goal was to have each of her five daughters married to an aristocratic man, and surrounded by her two immature younger sisters with the same ideals, Elizabeth had to endure the constant strain of saving her family from humiliations due to their behavior. Despite their attitudes, Elizabeth stayed humble in her interest in wealth, but instead hoped to find an intellectual and independent man who shared her interests. She specified that "only the deepest love will induce [her] into matrimony" which is very unlike Catherine's feelings toward matrimony considering that she married Edgar Linton in order to achieve a higher social status rather than marry him for unconditional love. When Elizabeth said "I had not known you a month before I felt that you were the last man in the world whom I could ever be prevailed on to marry" it revealed her indifference to Mr. Darcy's wealth and his proposal because of his haughtiness even though woman during her time would have easily accepted it. Catherine Earnshaw too wanted the attention of a man but in a much less humble manner and at a much faster pace than Elizabeth. She was madly in love with Heathcliff but since he lacked manners and the influence that Linton had on others, she chose to marry for luxuries. She...

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