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The Grapes Of Wrath, by John Steinbeck was based on the Joad family of tenet farmers from the 1930’s who bet their chances to get a better life and decided to move to California; little did they know what California held for them. After the dust storm the general population was impoverished; mostly including migrant workers, working class such as truckers, and waitresses. Banks and factory owners had no sympathy for these classes they cut off their resources and instead of handling with the people directly they employed workers such as police to do their immoral duties. The Joad family lost loved ones and lost what they knew of a home through their journey. In the novel The Grapes Of Wrath, by John Steinbeck, class conflicts and money is shown to cause a break down in society’s humanity, as seen in men are mistreating men and allowing money to control them.

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Which shows men were idealizing money and allowing it to control their decision making.

Families were falling apart due to lack of money. Lack of money was the key cause of stress for the tenet farmers and working class especially the Joad family. Family bonds were being put to the test and being broken. For example Steinbeck writes, “And all their love was thinned with money..”(Steinbeck 316). This quotation shows that money was not just an issue on a materialistic level, but on a deeper level. Money was the root of all evil in every case of this novel, from farmers burning their crops due to lack of sales and instead of feeding starving families they torched their crops to a pile of ash. Banks were paying police to get ride of anyone who stood in their way and anyone who protested it was labeled as a red agitator. Being labeled a red agitator meant being placed on a black list which enabled you to work.

Clash of social classes was happening more frequently approaching the end of the novel, but if Tom Joad broke his parol the black list was not the only thing he had to fear. Jim Casey and Tom got in an altercation with the police who was trying to eliminate their camp which has became their home. Even though the lower class people did not like the way the economic and government structure was working they still strived and searched for work. Stienbeck writes, “Uncle John blubbered “I’ll run away by God I got to work or I’ll run away.”(Steinbeck 601). This quotation shows even after months of living in these conditions for months there was no work or support from the government. Which shows the mistreatment of men to men, because they did not care; money was the only thing the government and upper classes cared about.

Class conflicts and money is shown in many occasions throughout the novel The Grapes Of Wrath which causes the break down in society’s humanity, which is seen mostly in the impoverished families and mistreatment from upper classes such as banks and working classes and taken advantage by the merchant class.

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