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The Elk Grove Police Department is by far one of the best organized administrations I have seen. With only 18 months to plan, organize and bring this new department to full functionality took more than just individuals it took leaders to make it happen. The challenges that this department faced were honestly and by far not an easy task to overcome. Elk Grove city leaders finally rationalized that creating their police department was the best decision for the community. They need to use their group thinking leadership styles to ensure success in their Police department. First the question was how a small group of individuals were going to create a police department from scratch. What kind of services are they going to provide and how exactly are they going to accomplish such tasks. The different leadership challenges must have at times felt overwhelming. The process was difficult but with the right leaders they overcame leadership issues that not many could easily achieve.
A good starting point was the history of Elk Grove, how big is the city and what type of environment and cultural issues would the new leaders be faced with. Sacramento, as well as other cities like Elk Grove is surrounded with many different cultures and most one of the issues that needed to be addressed. How much crime does the city have, hot spots, gangs and are thes issues being looked into. These are just a few of the challenges that needed to be addressed and what about other problems that the city was currently having. What exactly do city leaders expect from this newly formed department. One of the things I found interesting was the Specialization of specific tasks, this was by far the first thing that needed to happen. The division of assignments was a great idea. This prevented one individual from having to tackle all tasks which allowed them to use their own critical thinking skills to come up with new concepts and focus on one process with the ability to use their own leadership style to direct and coordinate each specific task. By using specialization the group was able to place emphasis on individuals, units, teams departments and divisions. In this case the leaders were well aware that by dividing the effort among the managers would be the key to success. Leaders than went forward and standardized their organization which is another tool to make their department work. Policies and procedures were established in order to create programs to hire and train new cadets and ensure that they were aware what is to be expected to them. K-9 units were also added for the first time in Elk Grove and finding five K-9’s was also another obstacle that needed to be tackled. Other objectives were establishing the first ever Elk Grove uniform and patch specifically designed specifically for the city of Elk Grove. The idea of...

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