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Ellen G. White Essay

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contributing factors in the progeny and advancement of Seventh-Day Adventism. Filled with divine revelations and victory over unearthly obstacles, Ellen G. White's messages and testimonies gave rise to a form of Christianity which refocused upon prophetic truths and ministry. In the Weakest of the Weak, a timeline of Ellen White is given which delineates her humble upbringings, divine revelations, and writings to the Church.
Born on November 26, 1827 in a village north of Gorham, Michigan, two girls were born to Robert and Eurince Harmon—Elizabeth and Ellen. A few years later, the Harmon family moved to Portland, Michigan where Robert Harmon continued farming in efforts to support his ...view middle of the document...

This vision marked the beginning of the over 2000 revelations she would experience. Her visions ranged from being very brief to as long as four hours. Furthermore, her public revelations and some of her private visions would be marked by loss of consciousness, cessation of breathing, eyes fixed upward, and an inability to move her.
According to Weakest of the Weak, prior to her vision in December of 1844, Ellen was shown the rise of the Millerite Movement and that the path which they followed was narrow but led to Christ. In the weeks that followed her vision, Ellen was called by God to do His ministry. At first she was hesitant as she feared her health and pride would prevent her from effectively carrying out this work but eventually she accepted God’s call. Later in 1845 she was given a vision of the heavenly kingdom and its sanctuary in 1845 which she formally published in March of that year. This model was an exact paragon to the model which James White had earlier published that year.
In a home located in Rocky Hill, Connecticut (1848-1850), Ellen and James White attended several Bible studies which later became the precursor to the formation of Seventh Day Adventism core beliefs. Ellen White's visions at this time came to clarify the Scriptures which the other pioneers of Adventism fervently studied in order to further understand the prophecies recorded. Soon it was decided that the themes of their studies should published as they were directed through...

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