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Ellie's Short Story (Titled This For Now)

2439 words - 10 pages

I never thought it would come to this.
War? At the very back of my mind. Falling in love? Never! I was a spirited, devoted girl of the South. I didn't realize my beautiful country would be divided. Brother against brother, sister against sister? I didn't think so.

But that all changed.

I was walking through the meadows of my beautiful mansion in Savannah, Georgia. My family was very blessed to be in such a house, because our ancestors were not as fortunate. My father made a good living, owning a plantation. We greatly appreciate our slaves, who work dusk till dawn harvesting our cotton. We give our slaves a fair meal, unlike other plantation owners. I do wish they would be free sooner or later. My father does not feel the same way.

I have a soft, tender heart. That's what people tell me anyway. I can never raise the whip to anyone. Father says it is good discipline for the slaves, but I don't quite believe him. Why whip them when they already work hard? Our country is at war over this matter, as well as others. Some say the Confederacy will come to victory, but I secretly am siding with the Union.

We should not have slavery! Why do we even have it? Of course, I could never tell my father this. He practically lived off of slaves. I couldn't disappoint him. But some small, minuscule rebellious part of me wanted to go see how the Union fights. They do not fight far from here.

I decided I shall. What harm could be done? I strolled silently towards the clearing, where the meadow ends. I started for the forest that was near the Union camp, where they stayed for a short while.

I bent down low, in fear of someone seeing me. I made my way towards a bush right beside a Union tent. Peering through the bushes, I saw lots of soldiers, who's accents were almost foreign to me. The way they formed their words! They spoke too fast!

I was too busy staring. That's where it all started.

"Hey, you!" I heard the sharp voice of the general, "What are you doing, girl?" I looked at him square in the eye, but I was really trembling. "Show yourself!" The general barked harshly. I slowly came out of the bush, revealing my tall, slender frame. The soft brown curls were in a mess, but still I was mesmerizing. At least, I was told that later. My dark brown eyes were frightened as the man looked me over.

"How old are you?" The mans tone softened a bit. "Fifteen." I replied tremulously with my southern drawl. His gaze hardened. Oh how I wish I would have hid my accent! He lunged at me, sending me back into the thicket. I screamed in pain; a thorn had gotten me. "Sir, I can't get it out!"

He turned away from me as the thorn was still wedged in my arm. I groaned and didn't dare try to get it out. "Oh, Hollis Grace, why did you ever come?" I thought miserably.

I felt a gentle but firm hand on my shoulder, sitting me up. I was in a daze, and barely saw who it was. Once I did, the most gorgeous boy I'd ever seen looked down at me.

He had soft...

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