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Ellul Paper

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Jacques Ellul is one of the most influential philosophers who observed propaganda from an altered viewpoint. Ellul believes that technology is governing man’s purpose. Mass media continually modernizes and updates, therefore it knows exactly how to target people’s interests.
Ellul emphasizes a few different types of propaganda in Chapter 3 of his book “Propaganda: The Formation of Men’s Attitudes.” He believes that propaganda is founded on more than one part of science and that it changes with science, shares its achievements, and realizes its flaws. Current propaganda is founded on the technical failure of psychology and sociology. The propagandist works in what he sees concerning people. If there was no methodical investigation of recent psychology and sociology, propaganda wouldn’t occur. If it did, it would be in the beginning phases that happened years ago.
Propaganda is also scientific in that it frequently creates a set of instructions, which are very meticulous. Nowadays a strong investigation of the situation is necessary so that the person is susceptible to propaganda. One form of propaganda could be supportive in one circumstance, but entirely impractical in another. The propagandist should be looking for true evidence.
Propaganda is no longer self-reliant and it conceals the negative. The necessity of exact stages to make individuals effortlessly partial to propaganda is assumed when you view its significant strategies, the involvement of signs. The more a person becomes involved in the culture in which he lives, the more he will adhere to categorized symbols. The more labels in a nation, the easier it is to formulate communal judgments, and the more the person contributes to that philosophy, the more inclined he will become to the involvement of symbols.
The rational and irrational category of propaganda that Ellul talked about, I thought was the most thought-provoking. The difference between rational and irrational propaganda is that rational propaganda is grounded in evidence and philosophies. Although it's mostly information, it can be propaganda because it demonstrates rationality. Propaganda is playing on a person’s desire. When you see what people like, then you can manipulate them into believing anything.
Propaganda attempts to surround people in every way imaginable through emotions and beliefs, by using a person’s determination and desires, through his mind. It instantly motivates someone to act. Propaganda enforces a comprehensive assortment of information and prevents any deviation.
Propaganda has the power to...

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