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Self leadership through personal learning and reflection “provides a foundation for effective leadership skills” (Watson, 2004). The Canadian College of Health Leaders (CCHL) includes self leadership as one of it’s five core leadership competencies, which is defined as “The Lead Self” domain. As part of Leading Self, effective leaders must demonstrate: self awareness, managing self, developing self and demonstrating character. (CCHL, 2010).
In order to demonstrate my leadership development, I will complete an assessment of my personal leadership styles and behaviours, as evidenced through a series of validated self assessment methodologies and tools. My self reflection will include a summary of leadership strengths and weaknesses, in addition to an analysis of their implications in my role as a leader.
Through the completion of the Leadership Apptitude Quiz (Appendix A), my direct reports, immediate supervisor and my own self assessment confirmed that I have high leadership potential. Leadership ability has been defined by a series of traits and characteristics. Trait theory focuses on identifying innate qualities and characteristics of leaders (Barr & Dowding, 2013). The personal traits and characteristics of my leadership style are articulated through completing the Authentic Leadership Questionnaire (Appendix B), which indicates that I have strong authentic leadership in the areas of objective decision making, self awareness, self regulation and authenticity.
The impact of my leadership as a function within the organization and how it effects group behaviour was first assessed by completing the Leadership/Followership Quiz (Appendix C) which indicates that my natural preference in decision making when dealing with subordinates is to use a mixed approach of autocratic and participative leadership styles. A concern with decision making that is more autocratic in nature is that this style may increase the intensity of work, adding extra challenges, especially if it creates tension among workers if goals are not clear (Benoleil & Somech, 2014).
Behavioural theory states that leadership affects group behaviour through the leaders focus on how to motivate and get the best out of people to get the required work done (Barr & Dowding, 2012). According to the Myers Briggs Type Indictor (MBTI) (Appendix D) tool, outlines the different personality types and how they gather and evaluate information in the decision making process. My specific ENFJ typology indicates that I have a strong preference for making decisions intuitively (N), demonstrating my creative and imaginative abilities. That I have slight preferences for feeling (F) and judging (J) when considering decisions, and I have marginal preference for extroversion (E).
According to the Thomas Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument (TKI), reviewed in Appendix E, in situations of conflict my primary conflict mode is Compromising which reflects my ability to be an intermediate in both...

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