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What Makes A Great Soldier?: My Boy Jack

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What makes one a good soldier? When the idea of soldier comes to mind, qualities such as endurance, courage, or integrity are all what people imagine a good soldier to be. In the Movie, My Boy Jack, Jack Kipling is the perfect example of what it means to be a good soldier. Though he was declared unfit by the Navy and Army to serve in the military, he overcomes the many challenges, and struggles he faced, and rose to be the true warrior that him and his father knew he could be. This essay will explore all the characteristics of Jack Kipling that made him a great soldier.
In the sequence of scenes, that shows the transformation of Jack as soldier from when he first arrives to the Irish Guards, and the Soldier he becomes before he is promoted to Lieutenant, provides the audience with a great display of his determination, and endurance that contributes to the notion of him being an admirable soldier. When Jack First arrives at the Scottish Guards, the audience is alerted by an upbeat, marching tune of music that is filtered in. The audience hears the yelling of other officers, and the marching of the current soldiers. The tone of the music becomes higher in pitch as Jack rides in on his motorcycle to symbolize the importance of his arrival. The motorcycle signifies how unique he is from all the soldiers. For in this scene, all of the other new beginners are walking in together carrying suitcases, and a few of them are wearing hats. Jack rides in alone, with no bags, no hate, sticking out from everyone else. One soldier even turns his head to look at him as if Jack’s arrival shocks him
. It foreshadows to the audience that he is not going to be like anyone else. When Jack removes his motor cycle helmet, he cannot help to show his excitement for being there, and his eagerness to get started. The camera zooms in on Jack, and everything else in the background becomes blurred out. He smiles, takes deep breaths, and he takes a look around as if he is finally at a place where he belongs. In the next scene the music is still playing, and the sun is shining brightly. Jack is now in his Irish Guard’s uniform, and he is doing his first day of training. The camera is only focusing on Jack as he is running to hit the bags. The audience can hear the determination in his voice when he yells. When he gets caught adjusting his glasses he does not make any excuse, or give any explanation as of why he needed to stop and adjust his glasses. His face remains serious, and he keeps moving as if he is unfazed by the yelling of his commander, or the challenges he comes across with his glasses.
In the next scene, Jack is faced with another struggle at shooting practice. It is dark, the rain is pouring and the music goes from being cheerful to dark and gloomy. The camera focuses on Jack and his issue with his glasses. The scene displays how terrible the weather is and the effect it is having on Jack. He breathes heavily at times, his eyes are squinted and he is constantly...

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