Elton John And Bernie Taupin's Cande In The Wind

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The first time I read through Elton John and Bernie Taupin's song “Candle in the Wind” I was quick to draw conclusions based on my own assumptions. These assumptions lead me to perceive an image of Marilyn Monroe that was greatly different from the writer's intent. The song describes different stages of Monroe's life. It also describes in the beginning how Monroe had courage and composure during the beginning stages of her career. Her path to stardom was anything but easy due to the rumors and gossip. Others were quick to envy and joined the bandwagon on how they thought Monroe should be living her life. Monroe soon found she were adrift with no true friends to help. Her life and career was short-lived but, the image she projected was immortalized into a legend. New perceptions of an old image can be seen through the use of research. This research shows how one person could have a different view point than originally reflected. My initial perception of the song tells a story much different from the writer's point of view.
The song starts out by addressing Monroe by her real name Norma Jean. It then goes on to describe that he never knew her personally and mentions that Monroe's self-respect helped her find the path to fame. An idea that Hollywood fabricated the notion of Monroe and transformed a quiet girl into an instant star is heavily suggested in the song. At times it seemed that my limited knowledge of John, Taupin and Monroe’s background allowed me to speculate the wrong conclusions. I thought part of the song was referring to Monroe's loneliness and by “never knowing who to cling to” was insinuating that possibly she never married or did not have any true friends (AZLyrics., 2014). Further research will show that part of that assumption could be true. Monroe, with the help of Hollywood left behind a mysterious legend behind that has never faded or burned out. The song repeatedly touches on Monroe's loneliness and the notion of how the superstar's fabricated creation by Hollywood's executives lead to the pain she endured. Monroe's popularity led to her being scrutinized by the press. She was always in the spotlight from her acting and modeling. Her image quickly became attached to an American sex symbol during that time. Even in the darkest hours after her death the press still wrote of the nakedness of her passing. The song draws to an end from a perspective of a young man who saw her as more than just a fabricated sex symbol.
The gaps in my knowledge of Monroe and the writers of the song are fairly extensive. I do not know much about their backgrounds or childhoods. It would be fascinating to find out if Monroe’s upbringing affected any part of her adulthood. My knowledge about the ages of the two song writers at the time of Monroe’s death is greatly limited. I am also interested in knowing which one of the two is the oldest. Finding out more details about Monroe’s childhood would help to identify if it...

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