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The Way It Really Was.Way back when, the music was all rhythm and blues (r &b). It was recorded mostly by black artists and for black audience but the white teenagers became interested. R & B, country and pop were the three genres of music. Music stations usually played one type of music so listeners could easily find what type they wanted. Pop had 4 major recording companies. RCA, Columbia, Beca and Mercury. These companies had very good connection and could make a small band very big! Pop music had a subdued beat and smooth singing. R & B had black artists for black audiences. Country Western had the least affect by Rock and Roll. People who recorded at small independent music business and put out a record, they were called Indies.Adult response to Rock and RollMany adults did not like Rock and Roll or the effects it had on the children of America. They felt it was vulgar and rude and labeled it the "devils' music". No matter how hard they tried, teenagers became the main buyers of Rock and Roll records. Seeing this many R & B artists modified their songs to suit Rock and Roll. Then Elvis came along! That changed a lot.Elvis has meant many things to many people all over the world. He has gone from Rock'n'Roll to Hollywood Heartthrob, back to Las Vegas megastar. But if you look carefully Elvis was nothing than a mere boy raised in the south that was taught to love his mama and Jesus. These are the basic things that made him a great rock and roll legend. Elvis changed the face of rock and roll forever with his dance moves, sexuality, style of clothes, long hair, and...

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Elvis Presly Essay

988 words - 4 pages Elvis Aron Presley was born in Tupelo, Mississippi, on January 8, 1935. He was born in his parents' house in East Tupelo at 12:20 p.m., along with a twin brother known as Jesse Garon, who was stillborn. On that happy, yet sad night, Gladys Presley said, "Elvis will always miss his twin. He'll be like the missing piece in a jigsaw puzzle". Although the spirit of his twin brother lingered, Elvis grew up an only child in a poor family. Elvis

Elvis Presley Essay

1405 words - 6 pages Elvis Presley was rock & roll’s first real American star, not to mention one of the most important cultural forces in history, a hip-shaking symbol of abolition for the steady America of the 1950s. Presley’s personality was so fresh and striking that he could never be labeled. He changed music forever as a king and a music legend. Elvis became the first rock-and-roll superstar that broke the boundaries of American culture. Almost everyone knows

Elvis Presley

1087 words - 4 pages Elvis Presley Essay When historians look at history and at reasons why society changed many focus on conflicts like wars, civil rights, and poverty. However, there is so much more that over time changed America. One of the most influential subjects that helped this change was Elvis Presley. Through his music, which was influenced by black artists, he allowed white Americans to view a new group of performers. He tested social boundaries that

Elvis Presley.

1260 words - 5 pages Elvis Presley was the first real rock and roll star. A white southerner who singing blues laced with country. Presley brought together music from both sides of the color line. Presley performed this music with a "natural hip swiveling sexuality" that made him a teen idol and a role model for generations of "cool" rebels. Presley was repeatedly dismissed as vulgar, incompetent and a bad influence. However, the force of his music and image


590 words - 2 pages The Planet's Drying Up A Thirst for Profits While Bush talks about an oil shortage, the real crisis is sneaking up on us in the form of a horrendous worldwide water scarcity. Droughts in the U.S., once a feature of the Midwest, are now occurring regularly all across the continent, even on the verdant East Coast, where in New York the provisioning of fresh water has become a political issue. The Pacific Coast suffers from reduced hydroelectric

Elvis : A Cultural Obsession

4353 words - 17 pages “Some people tap their feet, some people snap their fingers, and some people sway back and forth. I just sorta do ’em all together, I guess” (www.elvis.com). When one thinks of Elvis Presley, one immediately visualizes a tall, handsome man swiveling his hips and crooning love melodies while curling his lip in a way that made the men want to be him and the women want to be with him. Elvis Presley was literally an overnight

Elvis Aron Presley

2573 words - 10 pages Elvis Aron Presley Elvis Presley has had over149 songs to appear on Billboard's Hot 100 Pop Charts in America: 114 in the top forty, forty in the top ten, and eighteen managed to capture the number one spot. Elvis had over ninety charted albums, nine of them also reaching number one (Overview 1). Elvis Presley was a legend in his own time who influenced millions of people not only in the United States, but around the world. His love for

The Elvis Craze

1164 words - 5 pages The Elvis Craze The public made Elvis Presley larger than life, better known than Jimi Hendrix, John Lennon and in some cases God Himself. I cannot quite understand the Elvis craze. I don't think he was a handsome man, I don't enjoy his music, I won't waste my time trying to sit through one of his boring, talentless movies, and if, God forbid, I end up on my deathbed with some horrible, incurable disease, I certainly won't make a

The Life of Elvis

902 words - 4 pages Elvis Presley was an awkward child to say the least. “He was pasty-faced with a virulent case of acne,” according to Red West. Even though he looked out of place in a crowd of pink scalps and crew cuts, Elvis was nice. He wasn't hard to miss with a leather jacket or an outrageous outfit. Surprisingly, Elvis wasn't popular, and most people payed no mind to him, except for the bullies. He was just another nobody in a sea of people. You

Controversy with Elvis Presley

1391 words - 6 pages Rock and roll music existed before Elvis Presley came along, but with his arrival on the performing scene, Americans could ignore it no longer. In 1956, he strode in front of a television camera for the first time as the provocative image of a high school hood and achieved an instant rapport with millions of U.S. teenagers who were experiencing their own adolescent rebellion. Hip-wiggling gyrations that brought

The Elvis Tribute

1756 words - 7 pages pick him up, all he wanted now was a spot to settle down for the rest of his life.The description read: “Elvis is a wonderful 14 year old grandpa who just needs someone to share their love with him and care for him till the end of his days. In return, he will provide you with all the affection he can give. Although he is blind and deaf, he hasn’t lost his spirit. He will require no more than a few minutes of exercise, however extra care

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Elvis Essay

737 words - 3 pages Like Martin Luther King Jr. said, “We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools.” In the 1950’s the South was heavily racially segregated. Elvis Presley unintentionally put himself in the position to become a valuable instrument in the battle against segregation. “Without casting himself as a fighter for racial equality, Elvis became a subversive standard bearer for cultural desegregation at a time when the codified

Elvis Essay

830 words - 4 pages The song which I selected from this era for the assignment is “Blue Suede Shoes” by Elvis Presley. Released in 1956, the song can be found on Elvis' debut album which was self-titled. Originally the song was performed and written by well known “rockabilly” artist Carl Perkins, who had written and recorded his own version a year earlier. Therefore, technically the song is considered a cover, although a well known one. As mentioned above, the

Elvis Presey. Essay

604 words - 2 pages Elvis PresleyElvis was born in a 2-room house in Tupelo, Mississippi, January 8, 1935.Elvis had a twin but he was stillborn and grew up as an only child. 1948 Elvis moved toMemphis Tennessee. They lived in public housing. Elvis got several jobs to help supporthis family. He graduated form Humes high school June 3rd 1953.Elvis frequently went to gospels, and from that he absorbed R&B into his music.1954 Elvis began his career with Sun Record

Elvis Presley Essay

989 words - 4 pages Elvis Presley Elvis Presley started his career at a very early age. Elvis was one of many rock and roll singers who loved their music, but Elvis was different than most singers. He thought about his fans as much as he thought of himself. Thinking about and satisfying his fans year after year allowed him to be known as the king of rock and roll. Elvis Presley was a rock and roll singer that no one could ever forget because he was generous