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Elvis Aron Presley Essay

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Elvis Aron Presley Elvis Presley has had over149 songs to appear on Billboard's Hot 100 Pop Charts in America: 114 in the top forty, forty in the top ten, and eighteen managed to capture the number one spot. Elvis had over ninety charted albums, nine of them also reaching number one (Overview 1). Elvis Presley was a legend in his own time who influenced millions of people not only in the United States, but around the world. His love for music became very influencial to young musicians. No one ever has sold as many records, sang, or had as many fans as he did. Still today he stands alone at the top of the heap and no one can take him from there. Many singers, such as Michael Jackson or Elton John have tried to fill his shoes, but have found it almost impossible to be as respected as Elvis was. This proves that he's not only the King of Rock and Roll, but the king of all kinds of music.From gospel to romantic, from rock to blues, Elvis was a man who had many talents and enjoyed sharing them with people around the world. Although he would become one of the richest, most famous human beings on the planet, Elvis Presley was born into a world of poverty and obscurity. His parents Vernon and Gladys Presley, both coming from extremely poor farming families, married in 1933.At this time Vernon was seventeen, but lied and said he was twenty-two, and Gladys knocked two years of her age claiming she was only nineteen. After they married they moved into a small house in East Tupelo, a poor section of Mississippi, separated from the rest of town by a levee and a set of railroad tracks. Vernon built a sturdy two-room home on Old Saltillo road that included a porch and an out house (Gentry 25). Only two years after their marriage Gladys became pregnant. On January 8, 1935 Elvis Aron Presley was born. A doctor was there to assist Gladys when she went into labor, but unfortunately it wasn't an easy birth. She carried twins and the first was stillborn. Jesse Garon Presley was the twin brother of Elvis (Shirley 14). When Elvis was only two, hardships struck the family. Elvis's father, Vernon, and two of his friends who were trying to keep their families fed, sold a hog for four dollars.Angry at how little money they received for the animal, they made a crucial misstep, altering the check to read forty dollars instead of just four (Gentry 28, 29). Soon after this incident Vernon, along with his two friends, were arrested and sentenced to three years at the Parchman Penitentiary. While Vernon was in prison, the Presley's lost their home.They moved from one rented shack to another living sometimes on only corn, bread and water (Gentry 31). Elvis suffered through many hard times as a youngster, but along with his hardships came many good times. Elvis was able to accomplish many things and become a very successful young man. During Elvis's earlier years, he was a church going boy who loved the lord (Birthplace 1). Elvis's mother...

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