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Elvis’ Cultural Impact On Americans Essay

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There is no doubt that Elvis Presley’s impact on American society has revolutionized the world of music and movies, which eventually earned him the name . From truck driver to Rock and Roll icon, Presley’s charismatic attitude and dance moves became forever remembered in American history. His record-breaking career set a higher bar to many more musicians. Talented in both vocals and acting, his image alone speaks for its self.
Elvis’ audience consisted of all races, ages, and gender; his style of music combined gospel, country, blues, and Rock and Roll. His “ Rockability” brought together thousands of people to his shows and events. Elvis’ music related to his thousands of fans, his dancing entertained thousands, and his movies, inspired by
many love stories, shaped his legacy. His influences on other artists, such as, African-American singers, Chuck Berry and Little Richard were enormous throughout their careers.
The king of Rock and Roll’s success branched from singing hits and past singles, to starring in movies, to choreographed dance performances, and even posing. This all eventually resulted in a much larger fan base for Elvis, memorable dance steps, and timeless motion pictures and records.
From Romantic love stories to wartime stories, Elvis’ career skyrocketed in all directions. Hits like G.I. blues became a classic Elvis film as it fused together a love story during war and comedy. Though Elvis was serving the U.S. army in Germany at the time, he still found time to shoot the motion picture in a US owned studio in Germany.
His dance moves, revolutionized the culture’s sense of what rock and roll should look like. Moves like his pelvic thrusts from side to side earning him the name, Elvis the Pelvis. This never before seen televised stunt forced most producers to only film Elvis from the waist up, as it was seen as too unsuitable for the younger audience. Though his dancing in jailhouse rock became an instant classic as his choreographed dance steps made his song even more energetic and charismatic.
Elvis’ his singles...

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