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Elvis Presley: The King Of Rock'n'roll

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January 8, 1935 two children are born to Vernon and Gladys Presley in Tupelo,

Mississippi. Sadly though the first born named Jessie Garon is born a stillborn, meaning born

dead. The second is born alive and healthier than ever and he is named Elvis Aaron.

Growing up Elvis had no siblings but on the bright side he grew up within a close-knit

family. There is little money in his family but like what a lot of parents do Vernon and Gladys do

all they can possibly do to provide for their son the light of their lives. Elvis wants a bicycle but

his parents cannot afford it, so his mother talks him into accepting a guitar instead which only

cost $12.95 at the Tupelo Hardware Company.

When Elvis was ten years old he won fifth place singing “Old Shep” in the youth talent

contest at the Mississippi-Alabama Fair and Dairy Show held in Tupelo. A couple years later

Elvis plays his guitar and sings “Leaf on a Tree” for his Milam Junior High class in Tupelo as he

said goodbye to all his friends. After that Elvis and his Parents move to Memphis, Tennessee, in

the search of a new life economically.

Elvis and his parents live in public housing or low rent home in the poor neighborhoods

of north Memphis. Vernon and Gladys struggle going from job to job while their son Elvis

attends L.C. Humes High School. Elvis and his family start to attend the Assembly of God

Church. Elvis also helps himself and his parents by working various jobs. As Elvis enters his

teenage years he is still known for playing and singing with his guitar.

He starts buying his clothes on Beale Street and starts to like the black blues and

gospel he hears there. He regularly attends the all-night, white and black, gospel sings that are

downtown. By this time he starts wearing his hair longer than what the standards were back then

and slick and he lets his sideburns grow out. Now he is a good-natured misfit, because he is so

different than the other kids.

At the Humes High School there is a student talent show so Elvis decides to sign up.

He starts to sing up there with his guitar and when he is done he is amazed that he gets more

applause than anyone else and wins, he also is asked to perform an encore. The first time in a

long time he finally feels accepted and it feels good.

On June 3, 1953 Elvis Aaron Presley graduates from Humes High School. That summer

after he graduates is when he makes his first ever demo. He makes his demo at The Memphis

Recording Service home of the Sun label, his first demo is of “My Happiness” and “That’s When

Your Heartaches Begin” and it only cost him about four dollars. He takes the recording home

and then gives it to his mother for a much-belated extra birthday present.

After graduation Elvis acquired many different jobs like going to work for Crown

Electric Company. There he did even more jobs like driving a delivery truck and delivering

supplies to job sites. He also started going to night school and...

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