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Elvis Presley Essay

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The famous, very talented, The King of Rock ‘N” Roll, Elvis Presley’s story began on January 8, 1935 to Vernon and Gladys Presley. Presley was born in a two bedroom house, as a twin. However, Elvis was the second of the two and his brother Jessie Garon was the first, in which he was stillborn. This left Elvis to grow up alone, as an only child. During 1948, the Presley family moved to Memphis, Tennessee, where Elvis would continue his education and graduate from Humes High School.
The Presley family was closely knit, and a working family. They moved from house to house, but Elvis was the center of their attention. He was the reason they worked so hard. There wasn’t much money, but his ...view middle of the document...

The particular song that Sam had chosen, he didn’t like, so Presley song several other songs he was comfortable with, and Philips was then impressed. Philips teams Elvis up with a few local artists by the name of Scotty Moore and Bill black to see if they were able to work together and come up with something useful. Almost a full month had went by, and the trio had come up with nothing, however they were finally able to come up a song, in which it would become one of Elvis’ first singles he would release. The trio would start playing together, with acting group manager as Scotty, Elvis still worked at Crown Electric as well.
Elvis finally receives a big break, and signs a one year contract for 52 Saturday night shows. His popularity began to grow. As the new year began in 1955, Elvis signs a contract with Bob Neal, who would be his new manager. He then signs another contract with RCA Records at the end of 1955 and at the same time Presley signs with Hill and range Publishing Company. He would share the publishing ownership with this company. Heartbreak Hotel would be one of the first songs he recorded with RCA, and it sold over 300,000 copies the first few weeks. This single would hit #1 on the Billboard charts, #1 on the country charts, and #5 on the R&B charts. It became the first single Elvis would have to sell over one million copies. In 1956, his first album Elvis went #1 on the Billboard charts and also sold over one million in sales. Elvis would then start to film and signs a contract with Paramount and Hal Wallis to star in movie pictures. Presley appeared on several TV shows, but his first movie began shooting in August 1956, in which was “Love Me Tender”.
Tupelo, Mississippi would proclaim September 26, the Elvis Presley Day, in which he return to his home with his parents to celebrate. By this time, there were several souvenir merchandising that came about. In 1957, Elvis would purchase Graceland Mansion, for his family and himself.. His 3rd movie Jailhouse Rock would peak at #3 on the charts. In March 1958, Presley was inducted into the army. He trained at Fort Hood, Texas and was stationed there for 6 months. Gladys became sick in August of 1958, and Elvis was granted emergency leave. He was by his mother’s side for about two days before he returned to Graceland, and soon after he left, she passed away at the age of 46. He would then return to base in Fort Hood, and later be shipped to Friedberg for 18 months. January 1960, Elvis becomes promoted to sergeant. He was discharged from active duty in March 1960.
October 1960, the soundtrack for “GI Blues” become #1 and remained on the...

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