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Elvis Presley: The King Of Rock And Roll

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Elvis Aaron Presley was born on January 8, 1935, in Tupelo, Mississippi, in a two room house that was built by his dad, Vernon. Elvis loved his parents dearly and had a very close relationship with his mom, Gladys. He also had a profound faith in God. The family had little money, but Elvis’s parents did their best to provide for him. His childhood, the height of his fame, and the unfortunate circumstances surrounding his death made him the icon of the 1950’s that he is today.
Throughout Elvis’s childhood and into his teenage years, the Presley family struggled to get by, but they never left their strong Christian faith. Elvis was inspired by gospel music and loved singing in church. When ...view middle of the document...

On November 2, 1955, he signed his first contract with RCA Records and his manager, Tom Parker, negotiated the sale of five of his unreleased singles that he recorded at The Memphis Recording Service. These five singles sold for $35,000 and shortly Elvis became the hottest new star in the music business ( Two months later he had his first recording session for RCA, “Heartbreak Hotel,” and its first three weeks on the market, the hit single sold over 300,000 copies. In March of that same year, Elvis’s acting career began and a few months later he signed a contract with Paramount Pictures which included options for six more pictures ( The shooting of Elvis’s first movie, “Love Me Tender,” began in August of 1956 and became a smash hit. While shooting for his films, Elvis continued to appear on many live TV and radio shows. His performances became very controversial and he was asked to tone it down. He made three appearances on “The Ed Sullivan Show,” which was the top TV program of the era, and because the controversy of his performances continued, Elvis was only filmed from the waist up. By the end of 1956, Elvis Presley was the primary symbol of new youth culture in America (
Over the next few years, Elvis continued recording music and filming for movies. In March of 1957, he purchased Graceland, his house in Memphis, Tennessee, for $102,500. In
December of 1957, Elvis was drafted into the US Army and got stationed in Germany, where he met his future wife, Priscilla, and before being discharged in 1960, he got promoted to Sergeant. After returning home, he began filming and recording again, but things just weren’t the same as before the war. He soon married Priscilla and exactly nine months after they married, Priscilla and Elvis had their first and only child, Lisa Marie Presley. Elvis loved his daughter dearly, but as the frustration...

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