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Email Practice Essay

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Learning strategies are crucial in our learning development as students. Making sure that we take the right steps in our studying in order to enhance our learning can lead us to the A grade we all desire. One study strategy that is helpful is SQ3R. The S stands for survey and is the first step in studying where it involves scanning the material. In this first step one scans for photos, graphs, side notes, and any “extra” notes that will enhance the understanding of the actual material. The Q stands for question and is the second step in studying which involves identifying important information. The first out of the three R’s is the third step in studying which stands for read, and requires ...view middle of the document...

Lastly, by reviewing the material I am capable of closing any gaps of missing information to help me fully understand the material. My current learning environment consists of an empty room, with a computer in front of me. Fortunately, the SQ3R study strategy does work with me because I am capable of reading all of the material and taking all of the important steps in order for me to study thoroughly.
The second study strategy that is helpful is thinking critically. Critical thinking is what, as stated in the lecture, separates humans from animals and allows us to gather information, process it and create something new. Great things that come from critical thinking include having good ideas, being work and family assets, and being capable of making wise decisions. Thinking critically can be a great asset in school because when one thinks critically, new ideas arise, hence thinking critically about material read will allow us to create a well-thought out paper. It is important to think critically especially when studying because it helps us come us with questions and ideas. Being capable of asking questions or reviewing ideas with, for example, a professor can definitely help enhance one’s knowledge and desire to succeed.
Thinking critically would work with my visual and verbal learning techniques thinking critically while studying definitely helps me because I am capable of making charts and graphs about ideas that come to mind. Without critical thinking, I would not be able to use the knowledge I already posses in order to help me obtain new one. In my current learning environment, thinking critically definitely comes in good use because I have no other learning stimulus other than my own. It helps me think to myself and express my own ideas...

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