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Embedded Assessment Character Analysis

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In the novel, Tangerine, the main character Paul Fisher makes many plot-changing decisions that impact himself along with the other characters. The changes he goes through makes the reader really reflect on what is happening to Paul, the way how he thinks of himself, what he thinks of others, and how other characters influence him to do certain things.

The self perception Paul has of himself changes what he does and limits what he does and says which is insecurity of himself. When he chose which kids to hang out with at his middle school it gave Paul the sense of feeling cared for and have the confidence to be around others.The confidence that he gained from this it made him have a better self perception. For example when he plays soccer he sees that he just as good or better at soccer than some of the kids which make him feel like he fits in for the first time. This is crucial for Paul because it developed him in a way where he is comfortable and feels he is safe and has security about himself. Lastly he feels accepted by some people which was very hard for him to get over before this and also through the whole book, and he also sees himself as this one person that can't fit in with anyone and just limits himself to certain things a such as his friends.

The things that Paul sees that others do not change how Paul perceives other characters in the story. After the student parent meeting after the sinkhole incident he flat out tells his dad that he does not pay attention to him. This is also crucial for him but also for his dad because it shows the reader how invested his dad is into Erik and himself as a person and what he does. Another example is when his mother is arguing with him about the IEP he sees all of the opportunities that there are without it. Paul sees the opportunities and everything that that others don't and that is what he means when he says, "I can see fine, I can see more than you can." Basically Paul sees a problem and a solution to things his parents and other characters in the book do not see which frustrates him so much but he cannot do anything about it.

Paul starts to see the true personalities of the people around him and what they are actually like as he changes and progresses in the story. A perfect example of this is his brother Erik where in the begging of the book Paul did not really think that much of Erik and just thought of him...

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