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Emblematic Reference In “The Lottery” Essay

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Symbolism is any object, person, place, or experience that represents more than what
It is.
This story is about how every summer they have this thing called “the Lottery.” They
Draw papers and whoever gets the black dot has to get their family involve and the
family that got chosen draw papers again. Then whoever gets the black dot on the
white sheet of paper will get scarified.
A number of emblematic that were found in the story “The Lottery.”
“Summer is a season of the year.” “ it is the season of growing , the season of life.”
Mr. Summers had the life’s of the families at state. He would choose the family and the person that will die.
“The harvest that’s being sacrificed to is being ...view middle of the document...

“She is the one that drew the slip of paper with the black dot on it.”
The paper she had got a black dot which means she will be sacrificed and stoned to death.
“In other words young Jack Watson was supposed to be the new idea of the younger generation.
“The name Dellacroix is the meaning of the cross in French.
Dellacroix is also referring to the Christian religion.
“They do not know why they do what they do, yet they continue with the ceremony.”
The villagers are so loyal to the black box and murdering a friend or family member will not stop them.
“ No one really knows how the lottery began, but they keep on following through with it, because it has always been there.”
The villagers never question the lottery they just kept going with the same tradition.
“The black box holds they key between life and death for every people in the town.
The black box holds white papers and one has a big black dot in the paper and who ever draws it will be sacrificed.
“ In many ways throwing stones equates the villagers .”
The way they use their sacrifice to be harvested is by stoning is cruel but it is a ritual.
“ Three legs of the stool are life, the three aspects of the...

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