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Embracing Change In Your Life Essay

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We don’t often reflect back on our life, the person we have become and what the future holds for us. It is only then we become aware of our flaws, and are given a choice to fix or ignore them. Change is an extremely important part of life; in fact, most people would argue that it is the definition of life. People become stagnant and do not grow into their lives if they do not embrace change. Recognizing what needs to be done, reflecting back on our lives and accepting the faults that welcome change, is probably the hardest part, but certainly not without its virtues. It takes willingness to re-invent ourselves. People usually bring change in their lives by quitting something they like to do that might be considered to be morally wrong by the society. Some people prefer change in their lives, while others don’t. Most of them are perfectly satisfied with how they act and behave, and prefer not to be bothered by people who try to bring a change in their lives. However, I disagree with them; as I experienced such a phase in my life, where I had to let go of everything I wanted to win back the people and things which I needed the most. The changes I made since that day shaped the person I am today, for the betterment of my family and the people around me, for being at peace with my own self and to survive in this world by adapting to change.
Starting life from scratch for the sole purpose of benefiting family and the surrounding people can be the trigger to bring change in one’s life. Some examples might be to quit certain addictions such as smoking and drugs. Such addictions are the main cause of leading conflicts among family members. Refraining from such actions would most probably portray one as a responsible person by not only their willingness to accept their wrong and immoral acts but also to have the courtesy to accept change. This would serve as an example not only for the family in question, but also to the company of people one keeps. Bringing such a change in life does not only paint a better picture of that...

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