Embracing Historic Past And Cultural Diversity Nanyang Technological University Essay

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Embracing historic past and cultural diversity
Syadza Bte Zakariah
Chinatown in Singapore is a culturally district zone located within Outram Park, the central area of Singapore. Featuring distinctly Chinese cultural elements, Chinatown was previously highly populated with the Chinese people back then in the 80s. Chinatown today is an active bustling community that is colourful and lined up with Chinese style architectures that were mostly adorned with Chinese characters. These historic buildings have been well preserved under the government’s effort. It is a mix of old and new, from the old traditional markets, family-run goldsmiths, medicinal halls to hipster cafes and lifestyle shops.
Walking into Chinatown, I was astonished by the market stands lining on both sides of the streets which mostly filled with souvenirs and crafts specifically for the tourists. Sellers touting as I passed by their stores and loud conversations could be heard throughout the cramped five-foot-way. I could easily spend a few hours wandering through the narrow streets that filled with the fragrance smell of traditional cuisine, apart from melded odors of colognes and steamy armpits of course. Chinatown is an area that are proud of its heritage and many to flaunt off. There are plenty of opportunities to soak up in their raucous street hawkers and old shophouses that are part of the relics of Chinatown’s past.
Deeper into the alley, Chinese elders can be seen roaming around the narrow and unkempt streets whereas tourists from downtown drifted into the heart of Chinatown manically snapping away with their overpriced camera, while buying cheap goods along the way. Many younger generations of Singapore...

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