Emergency Preparedness And Disaster Seminar And Drill

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Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Seminar and DrillThe endeavour of the Bureau of Fire protection is to spread the knowledge of fire prevention and fire protection. The bureau had been conducting seminars and drills to various communities to train the public on how to prevent fire disasters and what to do in case when the unfortunate event happens. Accordingly, the bureau was so eager when the chemical engineering students invited them to conduct an Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Seminar and Drill since the event will surely help their cause.The Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Seminar and Drill conducted by Fire Officer 1 (FO1) Mario Miano was held last February 23, 2003 at room Ch1T of the Chemical Engineering Department. Many topics were discussed in the seminar and several of those were already tackled in the Safety lecture. The speaker highlighted Fire Safety Management and Fire Protection. He also pointed out that in fire protection 75% is fire prevention while 25% is fire suppression, giving more emphasis on fire prevention. When fire prevention fails, the result is fire suppression which is more costly and may result to loss of life and irreparable damage to life and property.In fire protection, prior understanding of the chemistry of fire is essential. The concept of fire triangle and the different classes of fire were discussed. The four methods of extinguishment were presented. These methods relates to activities that will prevent the propagation of fire. Temperature reduction is the primary method in extinguishing fire. This is the reason why fire fighters opt to wet the nearest unaffected area (neighbouring houses) surrounding the fire to prevent or to at least limit the heat transfer that will result to fire propagation. Next method will be fuel removal or starving, the application of this method is very evident in extinguishment of forest fires wherein several meters away from the fire the fire fighters digs into the ground so as to cut the supply of fuel (combustible material) and protect the other unaffected areas. Another method of fire extinguishment is oxygen dilution or blanketing, this can be done by covering the fire with inert material...

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