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Emergency Risk Management Plan Essay

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Everyday risks present themselves in various workplaces through a variety of situations. Risk managers have been set in place to establish rules and guidelines by which employees are to follow. Any risk manager would agree that programs are set into place to reduce exposure risks, and provide a safe working environment. The elimination of undesirable outcomes in an emergency setting is critical and should not be taken lightly. Medical facility holds the key to important protocols and needs to work closely with risk management in order to instill cooperation.
Risk Managers identify, evaluate, prioritize, and control risks that impact resources or members of an organization (University of Wisconsin, 2013). In more ways than one, risk managers are important for accessing problems and predicting the magnitude of the anticipated outcome. In the case of an emergency situation, ultimately the unwanted outcome would be loss of life. Risk managers are the key members to prevent loss, damage, and negative outcomes. Regardless of the type of emergency medical service risk managers must manage some degree or risks. According to the University of Wisconsin (2013), there is no single method or solution defined to effectively manage risks.
Purpose of Risk Management Plan
The risk management plan is designed to provide safe treatment and monitoring of patients while in the facilities scope of care. Health care professionals are highly responsible to ensure that education is being provided to patients for future reduction of illness and injury. Managing the organizational risks within the facility along with the external risks within the community is the mission. Management within an emergency is unique in every way. All situations will be handled with prompt care and concern as everyday emergency operations are carried out. Each patient within the facility has the right to feel safe, as well as visitors and loved ones who could potentially come in contact with dangerous situations. To ensure successful completion and compliance a review of this plan and revision will take place annually.
The primary focus of this plan consists of elements relating to liability, safety, health, encompassed by several other variables. The intent of this Risk Management plan from a medical and emergency standpoint will be explained. First and foremost the risk manager works closely to ensure health care professionals are reducing harmful effects during the delivery of emergency care. In accordance with the United States Department of Labor (2013), workplace duties should always extend beyond four walls, and sending people to do work must be completed around safely. If employees are practicing in unsafe work environments, patients will also be receiving unsafe treatment. Keeping the medical facility clear of infectious disease causing agents is of utmost importance. A safe working environment establishes a standard level of safety for all members within...

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