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Sarah BuffaProfessor OkvatPSY 34411-12-13Interview with Emerging AdultEmerging Adulthood is defined as the period of life between the ages of 18 and 25. Doug, an emerging adult attending SUNY New Paltz answered questions about this particular stage in development. He is a 20 year old Caucasian male, of Italian and British ethnicity. He is the boyfriend of the intereviewer. During the interview it was evident to see that a lot of the principles and theories learned through lecture and readings about development, were supported and applicable to this individual.At the beginning of the interview, when asked how he has changed from adolescence, Doug gave an intriuging answer. He explained that he felt he hasn't changed much and that he "grew up" a little. Kathleen Stassen Berger states, "A person is literally "grown-up", in the sense that at this age they have reached their maximum height and physical strength (Berger,465). After asking Doug what he meant by the phrase, "grew up", he said that he was more mature. He implied that he thought more about the psychological aspects and not the biological. Emerging adults are however, at their top physical strength and every body system functions optimally at this stage. Homeostasis and organ reserve are highly functioning and important to maintaining balance in the young adults body. About 95.8 percent of young adults believe thier health to be good, very good, or excellent (Berger 466). Senescence, the process of aging, does start at this stage, but because of homeostasis and organ reserve, emerging adults are not very aware of it. An important factor in mainting this good health, strength, and system functioning is eating healthily and regular exercise. Doug explained that he exercises quite regularly, a few times a week, to stay healthy and also because it makes him feel good. During Emerging adulthood, mental illness really starts to emerge. Luckily, Doug has never struggled with any illness, like anxiety or depression.The sexual reproductive system is also at it's strongest at this point. Since testosterone levels are very high, the desire for sex is very high also. When asked about the purpose of sex, Doug felt that it was more for a relationship and recreation and that he engages in sex often. Half of the people in the US share the belief that the main purpose of sex is for relationship strengthening and about one-fourth of people in the US believe it is for enjoyment. Engaging in sexual activity at this age and before marriage, can be considered risky. Their is the risk of pregnancy and STIs. Emerging adults take many risks, both good and bad. Doug believes that he takes some risks, and recognizes that his work is edgework. Doug works in theatre production; working on ladders and harness at great heights, as well as working with tools and electricity. This type of work can be dangerous and he is attracted to this, saying it is "fun". He also takes risks when drinking alcohol at college parties and...

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