Emerging Aviation Technology Essay

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Emerging Aviation Technology

Over the past one hundred years, aviation has allowed the United States to make huge technological advancements. These advancements have shaped and influenced the American culture in a positive way, providing Americans an enriched, productive way of life.
From the first flight of the Wright Brothers in December, 1903, to the Rocky Mountain Airshow in August, 2013, one can observe how aviation technology has advanced over the years. The Rocky Mountain Airshow in August of 2013 exhibited aircraft from World War II to the modern F-22 Raptor. Thousands of people flocked to see demonstrations of new and older aviation technology firsthand. During the demonstration of the F-22 Raptor, the latest and greatest fighter aircraft for the United States military, the feeling of supremacy and pride could be felt among the entire crowd as chills shot up and down the spectators’ spine. The sound, speed, agility, technological advances, and sheer size of the aircraft were awe-inspiring. Being on the receiving end of such dominance and power for whatever reason is exhilarating. To witness the Raptor firsthand in 2013, a person cannot help feeling thunderstruck and astounded about the advancements made in aviation over the past one hundred years.
Imagine what the current economy would be like without aviation! Today, practically every business depends upon its many services. Aviation is an integral part of how companies in the United States do business throughout the world. Mailing packages that used to take weeks or months to deliver can now be delivered in a matter of hours. Because commerce has become industrious, companies rely solely on products being delivered throughout the world. FedEx’s average daily volume is more than 10 million shipments for express, ground, freight and expedited delivery services (FedEx, 2014). FedEx also owns and operates 649 aircraft in more than 375 airports served worldwide. Although Amazon.com does not post how many packages it ships on a daily basis, Amazon.com Inc. reported 2013 revenues of $74.5B (BLOOMBERG L.P., 2014). It is safe to say Amazon relies on the aviation industry to ship its products around the world, thus allowing the company to report such astonishing revenues.
Business companies fly employees all over the world for training and face-to-face meetings. For example, PSAV currently employs 80 managers, which include the executive committee, divisional managers, regional managers, area managers, and team leaders. Each year, the company decides on a city to hosts its annual meeting. The reason for the face-to-face meeting is invaluable. Face-to-face meetings enable members to engage in and observe verbal and nonverbal behavioral styles not captured in most computer mediated communication devices. Nuances associated with hand gestures, voice quality and volume, facial expressions, which are simply not captured in e-mail discussion, or chat rooms, etc., can be observed. Video...

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