Emerging Field Of Green Supply Chain Management

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(chin, 2012)In supporting environmental sustainability, managing product returns has become a very important and challenging issue. Responding to this trend, researchers in many parts of the world have conducted numerous studies in reverse logistics and reverse supply chain that were considered separately from the forward channel of supply chains. Meanwhile, there are opportunities to create added values from product returns and to improve efficiency when both channels are considered in an integrated way, as a closed loop supply chain. On the other hand, remanufacturing is a very appealing option among product recovery processes that has potential to increase the value of product returns. However, the available literature and theories on closed loop supply chain with remanufacturing are still limited. This paper aims to provide a literature review that covers closed loop supply chain with remanufacturing to identify its characteristics based on previous works in this area. The review methodology discontent analysis, classified into managerial aspects and technical aspects with their subsequent topics. Related literatures will be mapped under the above mentioned structures while identifying other important aspects that have potentials for further study. An outline of research opportunities will presented as a result of the review.

(preuss, 2013)Birds flap their wings in oil-infested coastal waters, unable to take off. Trees in a coniferous forest have lost all but a handful of their needles. An empty landscape is scarred by open-cast mining. These are just some of the images that have brought home the enormous costs to the natural environmental of industrial development.

(beamon, 1999)Sustainable development has made remarkable progress in establishing environmental and social sustainability towards operations management and the supply chain. Manufacturers in the late 1980’s went beyond what was required in the legislation and went for a greener approach in their operations systems. The purpose of this paper is to briefly review the literature of the green supply chain management (GrSCM) over the last twenty years. The key themes that came out of the literature are: green operations, green design, green manufacturing, reverse logistics and waste management. This paper will briefly discuss these issues. This paper will...

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5906 words - 24 pages , Z. (2003). Dominant retailers and the countervailing-power hypothesis. RAND journal of Economics, 612-625. Christopher, M. (2012). Logistics and supply chain management. Pearson UK. Cohen, M. A., & Vandenbergh, M. P. (2012). The potential role of carbon labeling in a green economy. Energy Economics, 34, S53-S63. Cole, R. (2011). What Really Happened to Toyota. MIT Sloan Management Review, 52(4), 29-35. da Rocha, A., & Dib, L. A

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