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Emerging Management Support Systems Models For Global Managers In The New Economy

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ABSTRACT:This researcher has investigated the current management support systems (MIS, DSS and ESS) to understand its limitations for providing real time information to managers in the new global economy. This writer has also examined current software applications and hardware components for their relevance in emerging management support systems. Environmental forces of change and the creative destructive cycle have forced many organizations to reevaluate their current management support systems for their effectiveness. Some organizations have not kept pace with the rapid growth of emerging technologies thereby making their information systems obsolete. Also, new government laws and regulations have forced many organizations to seek emerging solutions from the major software and hardware providers. This writer proposes new emerging management systems models to integrate some of the current management support systems and information technology into hybrid enterprise information support systems. In addition, this researcher focused on the current changes occurring within the automotive industry and the need for an emerging management support system to assist the global managers make better decisions.________________________________________INTRODUCTIONToday's managers are challenged in the workplace and global marketplace to add value to their organizations' bottom-lines. However, environmental forces of change (i.e., competition, globalization, technology) have changed the rules of the management game (Ball et al, 2004). Also, the growth of emerging technologies (i.e., Internet, Internet 2, Intranet, e-commerce, e-business, m-commerce, voice over Internet Protocol, wireless, and sophisticated software applications) which are fueled by the expanding information age have forced managers to use data in the decision-making process. It is clear that some managers with old economy experience skill sets may not fit into the new economy (Housel & Skopec, 2001).Organizations depend on the continuous (24/7) and seamless flow of information in order to fully participate in the new global economy. Global companies use the virtual enterprise strategy to manage suppliers, business partners, collocated employees, and contract workers. How can these managers survive in a turbulent sea of changes while meeting their objectives? There are several information systems and tools available to managers to meet their organizations' business objectives. Currently, mid-level and/or top level managers use management support systems (management information systems, decision support systems, executive support systems) to support their decision-making processes. In contrast, operations support systems (transaction processing systems, process control systems, and enterprise collaboration systems) are used by managers to support their operations and business processes. The creation of the Internet in 1969 was the driving force behind the rapid introduction of sophisticated...

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