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Emigrussian Or Russian Heading Abroad Essay

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The October Revolution of 1917 has forced the first wave of emigrants to leave Russian Empire. Farmers, workers, intellectuals and aristocrats will head towards the Western world.
There will be several waves during different regime of USSR: World War II, time of Great Repression, Cold War and Iron Curtain. The last wave of the emigrants will fall within the time known by some as "Putin decade exodus", a roller coaster of economical insecurity in Russian Federation.
Millions of Russians will leave their historical homeland- some striving towards better future, other looking for carrier opportunities or new relationships. Many will see this as only way to escape from the turbulent time.

Homeland plays an invaluable role in forming of one's character. Leaving native environment for many is equivalent to total revaluation of the norms of life. How must it feel to leave behind an isolated multinational conglomerate, for some gigantic ideological and somewhere very progressive machine like Russia towards old conservative Europe? "No matter under what circumstances you leave it, home does note cease to be home", said Joseph Brodsky.

Each Russian who enters a new living environment carries a huge emotional weight on their shoulders. Under elements of this “weight” implies a massive cultural baggage of Russia among with its controversial past and present and, finally, very much foreign to western world mentality. These elements give occasion to a numerous obstacles on the way to one’s integration progress.

Many of Russians will experience strong antipathies towards their homeland from the native citizens. These antipathies aren't of a personal character, rather misperceptions caused by the common stereotypes, shadows of the past and ignorance. However, it is always difficult to accept that one’s idealised sweet home, sacral place from the childhood might be seen as monstrous kingdom in the vision of others. Russians are very proud, patriotic...

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