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My name is Emile Durkheim and I was the first French academic sociologist. I developed the methodology of combining empirical research with sociological theory. This is a brief introduction on my life, my work and what I brought to the field of sociology. My contributions have affected the social sciences to include; law, economics, linguistics, ethnology, art history, and history (Durkheim, 2006). Philosophy was the ruling social science in my time but through my work the field of sociology was created.I was born on April 15, 1858 to Moise and Melanie Durkheim (Jones, 1986). My father was a rabbi and my mother was the daughter of a merchant (Jones, 1986). I was born in an era of significant social and political change. I was raised in Epinal, the capital town of Vosges in eastern France. My father, grandfather, and great grandfather were all rabbis. Our family lived very modestly.I studied Hebrew, the Old Testament and the Talmud in my early years as I had decided early on that I too would become a rabbi (Coser, 2003). I continued with my education at the College d'Epinal and graduated with a bachelor's degree in Letters and Sciences in 1875. I graduated two years earlier than most students (Jones, 1986). Through my education I learned to speak German, English and Italian, this would be helpful to me later in my career. I decided that I wanted to teach instead of pursue being a rabbi.After leaving Epinal I moved to Paris where I spent most of the rest my years. I met and married Louise Dreyfus in Paris when I was 29. We had one son, Andre, and a daughter, Marie. My wife spent her life devoted to my work and caring for our children and household.The events that shaped my life began early on. There was major political and social change that molded me into a disciplined man. I was destined to be a rabbi following in the family tradition but certain experiences changed me. Shortly after my Jewish confirmation I met a Catholic woman who showed me life outside of Judaism.I moved to Paris to attend Ecole Normale Superieure. Intellectually early on I was drawn to the study of the sciences rather than study of the literary. My father became ill and died when I was 19 (Coser, 2003). This was devastating to me and resulted in depression. I failed the entrance exams two times and was accepted after my third attempt in 1879 at the age of twenty-one. My life was never the same after my son Andre died in 1916 in Bulgaria. I died the following year after a stroke at the age of 59.I published a number of works with the most notable being The Division of Labour in Society (1893), which was my doctoral thesis, and Suicide (1897). I spent my career as a teacher and social scientist at Bordeaux. In 1898 I founded "Le'Annee Sociologique", the first Social Science Journal in France (Durkheim, 2006).I took an evolutionary approach to studying society. Society is like an organism. It is a living viable thing. Society has an existence of its own apart from the...

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1521 words - 6 pages Emile Durkheim was French sociologist. He was born on April 15, 1858 in Epinal, France. Epinal is located in the Eastern French Province, Lorraine. His father, Moise was the Chief Rabbi of Epinal, Vosges, and Haute-Marne, while his mother, Melanie, worked as an embroiderer. Durkheim was the youngest of their four surviving children. Durkheim’s great-grandfather, grandfather, and father were all Jewish rabbis. He was expected to

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