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Emily Dickinson Has Been Dead For Over One Hundred Years.

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Emily Dickinson has been dead for over one hundred years. However, people today are still trying to figure out if she was the poet of ?That God cannot?. An examination of ?That God cannot? to comparisons of her other pieces of work like ?I reason, Earth is short? and ?I?m Nobody! Who are you?? will determine if it is indeed an Emily Dickinson poem. By using topics like tone, symbols, speaker, and others it will be determine that is truly Emily Dickinson?s work.In previous poem by Emily Dickinson she talks about death and questions God a lot. In this poem she is question God in why should she pray if she cannot see why God does certain things. She says we can?t see why things happen or what are his deeds. However, we just have to pray that everything he does is the right thing. Like the poem ?That God cannot? she also question why things happen in ?I reason, Earth is short?. In this poem she understands why certain things happen in life and that everyone must die in time. However, she questions what if certain things didn?t happen and if there is really a heaven to start a new life in.Another thing that she talks about in ?That God cannot? is why she should do certain things in life. She say why should she waste her time praying if she cannot know what will happen to her. Another poem that Emily Dickinson wrote that tells us what?s wrong with her life is ?I never lost as much but twice?. In this poem she writes how she feels like she can never win and she will just die poor. In both of these poems she doesn?t understand why she does certain things but it is for a reason.Emily Dickinson likes to write about certain things in...

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