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Christopher wallace aka The Notorious Big or Biggie Smalls, a drug dealing seventeen year old rapper with an ambition to make it in life and get rich while doing so. Marshall Mathers, Eminem his stage name was just a young white kid in a black detroit community with a passion for rapping. Both rappers have changed the current and and will be changing the future rap with their songs, not only by just their rap but from their persona as well. Just think about it for a second, if you walk into the mall and look around at peoples shirts, go into stores and look around you will either hear or see something Biggie Smalls related. Biggie has carried his legend throughout time because people are realizing him and guys like Tupac are the ones who changed the “bad boy” image in todays world. Its not the same anymore you don’t have guys on harleys in gangs or in their classic cars, its the “thug life” thats changed the world today and Biggie Smalls was just the creator.
Eminem a Detroit kid rapping in just a whole in the wall place with a ambition to make it in a rap career when everyone in his family counting on him, but nobody believing in him. He was one of the only white rappers in a black community growing up and trying to make it. “What comes around goes around” is a quote from eminem when people would try to bring him down and not believe in him anymore. eminem has changed the era of white rappers before him there were no good white rappers and he is still very successful today as a rapper. eminem uses his daughter as motivation a lot and raps about her in most if not every one of his songs. Growing up for biggie wasn't much different, he had gang members trying to fight him everyday because of the life that he chosen. It wasn't as much of a surprise for biggie when he had reached stardom and had many gang related incidents. Growing up for me personally I liked eminem when I started to get into the rap era his music gave true feelings and he really brought rap to the white community. Now as a teeneager I like to listen to more biggie smalls and have really gotten into it a lot. Biggie may have been a very drug craved rapper with gang related instances but he still changed the era of rap today. He changed the beat of the rap and the way they talk in their raps it may or may not be for the best thats for other people to decide but in my opinion I think biggie is one of the greatest rappers to ever live.
When biggie was growing up he started selling crack cocaine and was arrested many times for dealing and distributing illegal narcotics. He was sentenced to jail and had to pay major fines and was set on many years of probation. Growing up biggie went to school with other world wide known rappers Jay-z and busta rhymes. I'm sure a lot of people think of him as a bad guy because of the things he did, but that was just the everyday life for him and he never knew any different whether it wa right or wrong. s right or wrong. After people started...

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