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Eminem As A Good Idol W/ Bibliography

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He's got three hit albums, a record-breaking movie, and his own record label. Marshall Mathers. Slim Shady. Eminem. If you said any of those names four years ago, the normal response would be "Who?" But if you were to mention this controversial young rapper's name now, nearly everyone could give you their opinion of him and his views. He is arguably the biggest superstar in rap history, and also one of the most controversial. He is not afraid so give his opinion of anything. From his phobia of homosexuals to his hatred of his mother to his love for his little daughter, Hailie, Eminem puts it all out there for his fans and everyone else to hear and see. Many people believe that Eminem is not an idol that people should look up to. They think that because he expresses his own opinions that he is a bad person. People who are against him think that he shouldn't be able to say what he has to say just because they don't agree with it. As Eminem says, he'll "push this generation of kids to stand and fight for the right to say something you might not like" (Eminem, The Eminem Show). However, his nonchalant attitude about what people think of him is one of his greatest qualities and the one which has probably made him the most successful. Through all of the profanity, violence, and sometimes disgusting themes in his lyrics, Eminem remains on top in the rap world.So what is it in this man that makes so many love him, yet at the same time, makes so many people utterly despise him? Eminem is a homophobe. Eminem abuses women. Eminem is a punk. Eminem is profane. Eminem carries guns around with him everywhere he goes. These are the misconceptions that his opponents, many of whom are white, middle-class, working parents with young children, believe about him. These people think that he is poisoning the minds of their young children. However, all of these facts are amplified by one other fact: Eminem is white. That fact that he reaches kids that other rappers can't makes people nervous. There is no one who can honestly say that his race is a non-factor in the amount of criticism that he gets. A white man is on top in the predominantly black rap industry and people are afraid of his views so they shun him. They state that he does not have the right to say what he wants because they believe that the things that he says are too vulgar and are just so contentious that they do not even want to deal with these issues. This is not to say that the black rappers don't receive criticism for their views and their lyrics. However, because Eminem is white, he reaches out to a lot of white children from suburban homes who can relate to him. He says, "Now I'm catching the flak from these activists when they raggin', actin' like I'm that first rapper to smack a bitch and say faggot" (Eminem, The Eminem Show). That quote is off his latest album and is speaking of the times in the past when he has used such terms relating to mysoginy and homophobia.However, many of the beliefs of...

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