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On 17th October 1973 one of the biggest hip-hop artist ever was born in Kansas City. Throughout he's life he was beaten by bullies at school, physically and mentally abused at the hands of a pill-popping mum who caused him to become a victim of munchasen syndrome, all living in he's Detroit trailer park home. Marshall Bruce Mathers III's strife-ridden childhood served as a blessing, allowing he's mind to work in a way that produced the razor sharp rhymes and witty wordplay he's famous for today. People who don't take the time to listen to what he is saying in he's lyrics often refer to the misunderstood genius as a misogynistic homophobe.Marshall's transformation into his million selling alter ego, Eminem, began when he was nine years old and he heard Ice T's 'Reckless.' It was on a soundtrack that his Uncle Ronnie bought him. 10 years later, Ronnie would commit suicide. (A tattoo on Eminem's right arm bears his uncle's name).Eminem began free styling in his friend's basement at the age of 15. Five years later, Em was becoming well known on the Detroit hip-hop scene as the only white rapper at the city's open mic contests (scenes that would become the inspiration for Eminem's Hollywood movie debut in the film 8 Mile). Eminem cut his first album, Infinite, in 1996 for local label however only 1,000 copies were pressed. The album failed to attract any interest from the major labels. Eminem feared he'd spend the rest of his life working as a cook and he now had new responsibilities. On Christmas Day in 1996 his girlfriend Kim gave birth to a daughter, Hailie Jade (her name is tattooed on his lower arm and her face on he's upper arm). After the promise of another record deal fell through, Em swallowed more than 20 Tylenol painkillers in a suicide attempt but luckily, he couldn't keep them down.Em's big break came in 1997 when rap ledge Dr Dre discovered a demo tape on Interscope boss Jimmy Iovine's garage floor. Dre travelled to watch Eminem perform in the 1997 Rap Olympics, after hearing Eminem perform Dre signed Eminem on the spot. Eminem's rap cred was never in doubt with Dre as he's mentor. Dre produced three tracks for Eminem's debut album, The Slim Shady LP, including his 1999 debut single, My Name Is. The song and attendant video immediately made Eminem the most talked about rapper in the world. The album confirmed that Em was much more than a novelty. Relentlessly funny, savage and unforgiving, Eminem's witty wordplay and his whiny slur was set against Dre's beats and caused instant controversy. And the fact that Eminem was white meant instant crossover success. "Hip-hop is predominantly black but now and again one white mother****** comes along, now that happens to be me," said our trailer trash hero.The aftershock of the Slim Shady LP's success meant that Eminem became a star overnight. Success would rattle Eminem's relationships with his mother, his wife Kim and the outside world. Debbie Mathers Briggs filed a $10m lawsuit in 1999 against...

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3129 words - 13 pages /html (accessed October 24, 2002) Eminem Web (2000). Main Biography. Available online: http://www.eminemweb.com/bio.html (accessed October 25, 2002) Eminem World. Biography. Available online: http://www.eminemworld.com/bio.html (accessed October 25, 2002) Taylor, P. Lawmakers, Citizen Group Step up Efforts to Monitor Entertainment Industry. Available online: http://www.feedomforum.org/pakcages/first/ratinggame/part1.html (accessed